the H*** wiv-et

I’ve been feeling kind of funny about posting comments from my “source.” Not that I don’t think they’re completely righteous. I do. But maybe all the emails from some others got to me. Despite the appearance of this blog, I really don’t think I’m all that and a bag of chips. Far from it. Trying to garner attention for myself is not my thing, so when I feel someone might think that about me, I usually run backwards.

Thankfully, I’ve been getting over that crap, and this blog has been wonderful in that respect. I feel like I’m actually stepping back into my childhood, and it’s been fantastic, and I hate words like fantastic, but I’m not even going to count how many times I’ve used it on this blog. Have I gone on long enough with my preface to what’s coming? :D Okay, I won’t leave you hanging much longer. All I’ll say is that these wonderful words from our own Fitzg are a great encouragement:

“Dear Mr. Armitage,
We’ve escaped the hermitage.

We’re beyond the mad and the shame –
And it’s you we all have to blame.

Our doctors deem us to be cases
Beyond their skills to address,
And throw up their hands at this mess.
And hie themselves off to the races,
To gamble their lives away in despair
At their failure to repair
The poor demented souls in thrall
To the blue of eyes and all –
The long limbs and voice so velvet…
Ah what’s the use, a lost cause are we;
Who wants a cure – the H*** wiv-et!

When all is done, some just squee …..(I swore I’d never say that word, so the h*** wiv it)
The rest just melt in pools of rapture
At the thought of this image to capture
And say, let it be, let it be….”

A letter from a demented fan, who has no future as a poet…:(

Don’t agree with the last comment, but I love this letter! Just what you would expect from a sassy librarian. Oh, and if anyone else wants to contribute a fake fan letter, knock yourself out! I’ll be happy to publish anything that celebrates the fun and yes, the thoughtfulness that we’re part of in the RA universe.

Comments about RA on ‘The Hobbit’ set coming up soon but not today. :D

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com.

Photo courtesy of my stash.

edit: there is only one place where I have no problem taking center stage — doing business. If it’s business, I shift into another mode, and maybe that’s why I like business so much.

Note: in answer to the questions about the second photo, that is my daughter on the beach in San Diego; taken a couple of weeks ago.


  1. You’ve struck me as being quite down to earth. If you’ve gotten negative comments, keep in mind it says more about the commenter than anything else. All that matters is to have fun and enjoy the camaraderie while we squee. :D

  2. Thanks, Judi. I really have learned over the years that no matter what you do, someone isn’t going to like it. I mean someone could walk on water, and others aren’t going to like the way your hair is combed. But hey, this is new territory for me, i.e, dealing with a fringe element in a fandom. Or is a whole fandom considered a fringe? Which would make those people the fringe of the fringe. Oy.

  3. Fitzg the poet!!! Can I use the word fantastic too? OK, I will. Fitzg that was FANTASTIC! Please write another. :)

    And Frenz, you are such a tease! I can’t believe you might have more news about our dear Mr. A on set… I’m all a-flutter. I can’t wait. But of course, you must do what you feel is right, when you feel it’s right. But I’m squeeing just a little at the thought that this likely very accurate source – if we look back on the scoop regarding the Powhiri – is going to share a bit of info about RA on set.

    And BTW – I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I love your blog. Who cares what that fringe of the fringe thinks.

  4. Pssst, I don’t really care, but I had to have a lead in for that great poem. :D

  5. Yes… very true.. there are always going to be people who have something negative to say.. and it indeed says much more about them than you…. more so by the fact that they’ve even taken the time to READ what you’ve posted…and then post drivel. People who feel good… don’t dump on others…
    You do a phenomenal job!!!
    I’m new to reading this and I can tell you that I’m always checking to see if you’ve posted something new… I’m not new to RA himself.. but I enjoy the things you post… it’s a joy to read them…
    Keep up the fantastic work!!! And never mind the bollocks!!!

  6. Thanks, Annie. Now I’m feeling that I’ve laid out a little false humility. I really don’t care if someone doesn’t like what I’m saying — we’ll I don’t care mostly. There is a little part of me that does care. But wasn’t that poem great! :D

  7. And I love that word bollocks!

  8. Yes… loved the poem!!

  9. You’re not a superhero are you? :D

  10. Frenz,

    Because of what I do for a living and the fact we are online, I’ve had my share of potshots taken at me over the years.. Generally anonymous commenters on some of my stories, just being nasty little trolls. Some people just aiin’t ever gonna be happy.Their lives seem to revolve around making others miserable if they can, as misery apparently does love company. But I have far more supporters than I do detractors–and so do you!

    And there’s the occasional RA fan who takes umbrage at my fanfic (you don’t like it? Don’t read it! Nobody is holding a gun to your head, sweetie!) I have always been upfront about my POV about Richard and my writing (and now, vidding) and about the importance of maintaining a sense of humor in general. Makes life so much more pleasant.
    “Lighten up, Francis!:” ;) One of the things I truly love about Richard is he doesn’t think he’s all that and a bag of chips, either, when in truth he is, plus a whole truckload of chips -)

    And fitzg, I really, really love your poem, you sassy little bookworm, you! :D

    Just one more work day and then– the weekend! Squee (I never thought I would use that word, either!) LOL

  11. I appreciate that, Angie, but now I’m really feeling bad about making you think I’m really that bugged. I’m not. Yes, a tiny little part of me takes heed to negative comments, but for the most part, I’m not bugged. Heck, I’m having too much fun at this. LOL!

  12. No worries, mate. There’s still a little part of me that is hurt by some of this stuff, too, but I’ve gotten a whole lot better (one of the benefits of getting older?)
    I was horribly shook up after that drunk driving demo yesterday–I mean, it was all too real–and then this poor baby today–I guess it helps me put things in perspective. There are FAR worse things than someone disagreeing with you online.

    We do this, participate in the fandom, blog, write, vid, create art, because we enjoy it. It IS fun. When it stops being fun and helping my creative juices flow and it’s all a chore, that’s when I step away.

    (Tonight after the board meeting I went to the theater to watch the benefit show rehearsals and take pix on my own time and as always, the music lifted my spirits and improved my mood. I sang along as I snapped away.)

  13. Good for you, Angie.

    BTW, I’m a little behind on my reading. Will have to catch up!

  14. Honey, I am WAAAAAAY behind on lots of stuff. I haven’t commented or read all the comments on several of your and Servetus’ posts. Work’s been so hectic and stressful and I’ve worked several nights, so when I got home I just zoned out and watched TV or worked on vids. Listening to music and looking at Richard just seems to improve my mood for some odd reason . . . :)

  15. He’s better than a drug isn’t he? I think doctors should prescribe him…Talk about a natural remedy without any negative side effects!

  16. Lovely pic of you frolicking on the beach Frenz! *only kidding*

    Very sad if you have received some abuse *hug*

  17. I appreciate the hug, and no I wouldn’t call what I’ve gotten abuse at all. I just felt a little weird but nothing major.

    I had to post that pic; it’s one my favorites! :D

  18. Lots of folks out here love you, Frenz. Keep up the great work (I purposely didn’t use the word fantastic)

    And Angie, where can I find your fanfic? I’m an addict!

  19. Ohmygosh! Cindy, I really appreciate that! I love all of you, and I’m really having a blast with this. I thought about stopping on my anniversary, and I have no idea how much longer I will go, but it’s so much fun, and I can see that another has joined our ranks. More about that later

    However, I’m beginning to think I really sounded needy in this post above, and I’m not. But you guys are great, and again, I appreciate all the nice things you’ve said. I never take that stuff for granted, and I don’t ever want to sound arrogant. I abhor arrogance. Thankfully, most know I”m full of sh*t, but for some reason the mention of this Hobbit stuff made people inclined to think I took myself seriously. Oh Lord have mercy! LOL! Sitting here with a grin on my face as I type this.

  20. OK, so you can redeem yourself by posting whatever it is you’re not posting today but might tomorrow or later!!! =0) ROTFLOL! With all the seriousness surrounding us in RL lately, a little light humor goes a long way. Keep them fingers sending out your hilarious thought sweetie. The main thing that has kept me personally going with this RA stuff is the niceness that seems to follow. I’ve seen some of the total nastiness in so many other places on the internet. Not pretty. This, however, is beauty personified…ok getting carried away a bit but you know what I mean.

    Back to waiting patiently….and if you believe that….

  21. I forgot…to the poet who think she ain’t one. Believe me when I say…you are so a poet. I read it and wonder “where did she get that thought?”. It’s so beyond me.

    I, Grand Poobah of All Non-Poets, dub thee, Poet Laurete Fitzg, of the RA World!

  22. I love your poem Fitzg!! As April is deemed ‘poetry month” it is all the more appropriate. I meant to do a post about that but never got around to it! Oh well, poetry is always a good thing at any time of year — and especially if it is dedicated to our mutual obsession!! :P
    I love the picture of your daugter frolicking on the beach Frenz!

  23. You are all very kind about that doggeral.

    The main point of Frenz’s post was the legitimate description of bloggers who put their thoughts out on a limb and deal with the blowback. Which, as your comments illustrate, is so positive within this community. If silly doggeral can help illustrate where we are really coming from in mutual support of an accomplished artist, good enough.

    Vive the bloggers and vive the commenters! :D

  24. The internet is full of trolls. They’re not worth the effort and they just suck the life out of you. I really need to learn not to engage with them when they write blog posts I heartily disagree with, because I tend to get WAY too emotionally engaged (and enraged). Seriously, there’s really no need to get too up-in-arms when someone fails to realise the Brontë sisters were devout Christians! *cough* When it comes to a blog you run yourself, and someone is persistently trolling it, why on earth do they keep reading if they hate it so much? Does not compute.

    Also, I can’t see a reason why anyone in their right mind would want to troll your blog, Frenz. It’s delightful and your posts never fail to engage in some way – either they make me think, smile, giggle, passionately agree or just interest in general. Even if I might not comment on every single post you ever make, I’m still reading them. You have a great sense of humour and maybe people just can’t take a joke, or something? Well, their loss, not yours!

    Happy Easter! :)

  25. Some people aren’t happy unless they’re being negative about something. Well blow that for a game of marbles. It doesn’t sound much fun.

    Please keep blogging Frenz. You have plenty of fans. Love that pic of your daughter.
    What a brilliant moment you’ve captured there.

    Wonderful poem Fitzg. You say it very well my dear.

  26. I thought that was you running along the beach!!! Wasn’t it??

    I think a pre-requisite for belonging to this fandom is to have a sense of humour. The only time I lose it is when there are family crises or when I have a spasm of conscience about being too fangirly. :)

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