I Couldn’t Look Away

I was one of those who was not going to watch the Royal Wedding, but I’ve been in on so many public events of William’s life, how could I miss this one.

Kate’s last moments before entering the church. I remember the feelings I had when I entered a wedding ceremony almost 28 years ago. The dress and veil were very, very similar to this one, and I got a little misty-eyed looking at this picture:

Photos from Euronews and Jezebel (click on photos for links and more photos).


  1. I stayed up to watch it, just like I did 30 years ago with Princess Di. I enjoyed the joyousness and pageantry, plus it’s something we’d never see here. It’s interesting that Americans scoff at this, yet, it was broadcast on 4 networks here; CNN is still continuing live coverage. You’d think they were “our” royals. I remember when Wills was born. Good grief. ;)

    I really loved the dress, beautiful, elegant and understated. It’s my idea of a wedding gown. Di’s gown reminded me of a very expensive bed sheet.

  2. We have to scoff at it because it’s about royalty. LOL!

    I also watched the first one, and I also remember Diana bringing little Wills home from the hospital, so how could I not watch this! But I didn’t watch it live. I just couldn’t rouse myself. I get up early most days of the week, and I’m actually off today, so I didn’t want to get up. :D

    I loved the dress, but then I would. It looks so much like mine, it’s scary. Sadly, my girls will never be able to wear mine. They are much taller and bigger framed girls than I am. One thing I would change though, that chapel length veil was a bitch.

  3. I wonder how many wedding dresses have looked like that one — of course spawned by Grace Kelly. I’m glad Kate didn’t give in to something more foufou. Can’t stand fussy.

  4. Bunch of us (my neighbors) got up at 3:00 am to watch it live. She looked so beautiful and so elegant, class through and through. I think it fascinates (some) Americans so much because we have nothing here to compare, and frankly I thought it was terrific to see so many people in England turn out to support their royal family.

  5. And Frenz, I am waiting (not so) patiently for your post at why everyone laughed at the Powhari ceremony. Soon, please! (Beg, beg)

  6. Well, you don ‘t have to be a Monarchist etc. Canadian (not) to just plain enjoy the traditions and pageantry of a British royal wedding. Just visually lovelly.

    Lovely Dress, with panels/pleats like a medieaval surcote. Simplicity of head with its coronet-style tiara. Free- flowing hair. The Duchess of Cambridge put her elegant mark on her own style.

    The very best to them both. They have a difficult public and private life ahead.

  7. Isn’t Kate gorgeous?! I really hadn’t paid much attention until the past couple of days. Thank goodness you posted this so now I can say I’ve seen the wedding! Love to see your wedding gown, Frenz! Maybe you should do a post on that?! We got spoiled during and after Fanstrav with all the posts. Not enought lately to suit me. Does that mean I have no life? Probably.

  8. Oh, and if anyone has a pic of the cake, could you post a link to it? I’m dying to see it!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Cindy, I’m getting to it. I’ve just been sidetracked by real life. I am in the process of getting a job after 20 years of doing my own thing. It’s been interesting since I have not interviewed for a job in a long, long time. When you’ve worked for yourself for so long, it’s tough to switch back into thinking like an employee. Although I’ve always maintained a good employer should know how to think like an employee, and I’m arrogant enough to think I’ve been a good employer, so I should be able to do this. Sadly, I’m also arrogant enough that part of me is galled by having to run after someone else’s good opinion of my ability to perform. Never thought I would be at that place again, and I still hate it. LOL! Okay enough of that arrogant rant! ;D

    I’m just waiting for the right time to post the remarks about the powhiri.

  10. Fitzg, I agree the pageantry and sense of history is wonderful, and I did enjoy it.

  11. NB, Here you go:

    more pics here:


  12. I find it quite strange that so many people in the US watched it and are fascinated by it. As a Brit, I did watch it, but only the actual coverage, not the chat surrounding it. I thought the dress was lovely, also the bridesmaid’s dress, but you have to be stick thin to wear dresses like that!

  13. Thanks Frenz! Whoa, that is some cake!

  14. Good luck with the interviews, Frenz. Believe it or not, the interview I had for my current job took place at a swimming pool, and I was indeed wearing swimwear.

    Get those nasty thoughts out of your head, I have a perfectly respectable job . And since I look awful in swimwear I’m sure I got the job based on merit.

    Still looking forward to the powhiri post, but I’ll try to be more patient. And I’ll send lots of positive thoughts your way.

  15. @kaprekar, one of the main reactions I have the first time I see any photo of either of those girls is how slender they are!

  16. They seem unnaturally thin, but I think it’s their gene pool. Momma is pretty thin. The only problem with that kind of thinness is that it doesn’t usually bode well for the face. Fat is actually a woman’s friend when it comes to wrinkling. The trick is to have the right amount of fat.

  17. Annnnnddd, for the 5 million dollar grand prize for the correct answer…….What is the right amount of fat??!! =0)

  18. at least they also have muscles — if you look at their calves, it’s clear they must both have active exercise regimes. So they’re not just starving themselves.

    right amount of fat=as much as you’re comfortable with personally :)

  19. Yep, they do have pretty muscular legs and arms. Agree about the right amount of fat.

  20. Cindy, thanks for the words of encouragement. I’m really having to shift gears, and so far I’m doing it, and frankly, I think I was so bored that I needed a change.

  21. Ah, Prince William… my Jr. High boyfriend. Back then he had a full head of hair… and I was super nerdy in braces. I enjoyed watching the royal wedding video! It brought back memories of staring at his magazine photos taped to locker doors. :)

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