More Thorin

Thorin the leader:

I think he lost the Klingon look:

I love this! No one does anger like Richard Armitage.

Not in character here:

John Rhys Davies has just said they will be chased by women around the world, and RA looks down. Poor guy. I might even grow a conscience about this blog, but I’m so invisible except to a few of you, that I salve any guilt I may have with that thought. :D

But I do thank all of you who deign to read my nonsense.

Clip from Peter Jackson’s third vlog from “The Hobbit” set. Screencaps are mine, and as usual you can click on them for a larger version.

I’m sure I and others will provide more later.

In the meantime, I’m having a blast!


  1. The screaming and swordplay was really effective.

  2. commenting again to subscribe to the msg stream

  3. How in the world will I contain myself until December 2012?

  4. Oh, great screencaps. Does time pass in the movie? The official Thorin shot looks older than these caps. And I’m liking them a lot. :D

  5. I have to admit I’m loving reading all of the bloggers posts and the reader’s comments. Just makes me smile! ALL of “this” is so much fun!!!!!!!!!

  6. I like these caps better than the official picture. Love the screaming!

  7. Loading HD images now, so the pictures will be much larger, and there will be more of them (probably a slide show). So bear with me.

  8. Finally got my daughter’s Mac yanked around to my liking. She probably won’t recognize her system when she gets it back. MUHAHAHAHA.

  9. Crikey!

  10. […] watch the entire 13-minute video blog because Richard Armitage appears throughout. Also, check out RAFrenzy’s and servetus’ blogs for their screencaps and […]

  11. […] Look how shy and, dare I say it, a bit geeky he looks here…I love spying his Real Richard personality…Wonder what was going through his mind…Frenz theorizes about it here… […]

  12. Oh, I do love RA in full roar! Loving how he looks and sounds here.

  13. Thorin is really impressiv in full anger. Thank you for the screenshots and the insights, Frenzy!

  14. I quite like your ‘nonsense’, it cheers me up no end – so keep them posts coming :-)

  15. Thorin is th-ex-thy, don’t ya think? :)

  16. LOL! He thertainly is!

    Miss you, Nat.

  17. I love your screencaps.
    Indeed. No one does anger like Richard Armitage.
    And I have to confess: I laughed about your final observation… ;o)
    Poor Richard. ;-)

  18. I don’t know, I just can’t communicate anymore when it comes to The Hobbit. I just go multiple whoas, I gloat, I grunt, and then sit there with a huge grin of adoration. No coherence from me here.

  19. I deign to read…and enjoy you…thanks for this…still catching up…

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