I Gots Thoughts

Oh, yeah, I have lots of thoughts about all that’s been going on the last several days in RA Universe — movie premieres, killer photos, and more good stuff from “The Hobbit” set. More on this later. I’m so busy this week that I seriously am almost cross-eyed, but I will weigh in at some point. You know I will.

But one thing before I go. #1 daughter regularly frequents this movie theater:

Since she wasn’t going to be anywhere around at the time, I didn’t have the heart to tell her Richard Armitage would be there on Wednesday evening. She was so bummed when she found out. I hope he goes back to New York sometime!

One of my daughter’s favorite RA pictures:

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com.

edit: Oops I meant to add that I’m updating the Who’s Richard Armitage? page as it’s in serious need of some treatment. :D


  1. I’m almost sad to admit that despite the extreme improbability that RA will ever even learn of my existence, I am single and completely addled. I loved reading about your SO memories and hope to have a relationship like that someday. Someday soon, I might add! I’m not getting any younger! lol Thank you for posting.

  2. Thanks, Amanda. I hope you do too! :)

    Just so you know, my SO doesn’t look like Richard Armitage. He’s not as tall and not nearly as striking to the general public, but he’s still handsome to me, and that’s after almost 28 years and four kids.

  3. Did you know about the NYC screening in advance then, Frenz?

  4. Heard about it just before it happened. Daughter would have been able to get there quickly if she’d been around.

  5. Ouch that must hurt!! Almost, almost …

  6. She screamed, “Noooooooooooo!” on the phone.

  7. Awww! That deserves a Zah-zuzz for your darling daughter! You are lucky that you can share your fangurling with her. My daughter is still pretty uncomfortable with a Mom who blogs about an actor! I think she might go to Captain America with me when I visit her soon.

  8. Sorry to hear your duaghter missed out there Frenz – but nice to hear the love for all things RA runs in the family :-)

  9. Yes, she inherited good taste. :D But since she is on her way to Europe and back the end of August, I don’t feel too badly for her missing out. As for a Zah-zuzz, I might need that while she’s over there. LOL!

  10. […] was taken somewhere in Europe where she spent half the summer and managed to miss Richard Armitage in New York. She screamed on the phone when I told her. She’s been a fan almost as long as I have and […]

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