I Recognise a Tease

Oh yeah, I’ve definitely been teased:

Click the image for ‘Recognise’ Magazine’s Facebook page.

And I could handle a lot more teasing. :D

What I would really love to see is the video of the photoshoot.


Note to Servetus: I’m expecting some diagramming.

Second edit: Sadly, Recgonise Magazine did not make it and is now out of business.


  1. I like that they haven’t left us TOTALLY hanging for another week… :)

  2. *Excuse me while I squee*

  3. Mmmmmm……so tasty, soooo beautiful.

    Do we know yet when the magazine will be out?

  4. Yes pleeeeeease!!!

  5. *fans self*…who needs coffee when you wake up to find THIS????!! This may have completely turned me to The Beard Side.

  6. I had to stop laughing so I could type. You all are cracking me up with the fangurling. LOL! Okay, yes, I’m fangurling too. :D

  7. Sorry, can you repeat? I’m testing the neural damage after effect Armitage. ;0)

  8. Maybe Servetus will give a us a chart to study for a lonnnnnnng time in order to get our brains rewired. :D

  9. oooooh, baby, baby! Wowsers!!! White shirt, open collar, blue suit, the beard, the cuffs, the hands, those eyes—oh, Mr. A, you are definitely not getting older, but bettah!


    That is all.

  10. You mean that’s all you can say at the moment. ;-)

    More pics for vids! :D

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  12. gorgeous is my word for these pics ! Would have loved to have been the photographer…I can dream can’t I ? Angieklong has summed it up for me perfectly. I keep saying what a man and he can act too !

  13. Cool !!! Well, I did say it takes longer to maintain the shape of that beard than to shave. :-D

  14. Stunning! Just simply stunning!! My jaw dropped open when I saw these for the first time! *-*

  15. O……M……G! This fangurling must be contagious, I’m feeling a little feverish looking at these!

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