Heads Up

A Twitter user has given two intriguing updates the last two days, and I’m taking the bait. :D

First tweet yesterday:

Which to me was suspect since any mention of Richard Armitage gets someone’s followers kicked up, and this person has no bio.

Today’s tweet:

That one is a little harder to dismiss with a seemingly reputable magazine mentioned. I say seemingly because well, maybe I’m gun shy from the incident with the other magazine. I still didn’t want to miss the opportunity to bring this to your attention. Yeah, yeah, some of you already know. Good! :D And now the crowd is bigger, which just increases the odds that someone will see some information sooner.


A much appreciated update:


  1. On the set of what, I wonder???? INTRIGUING!

  2. That is one pricey mag – more than I would be prepared to pay even with the promise of RA in it! It’s the price of a coffee table book. I looked to see who stocked it as I’d never heard of it and they have one preferred supplier in the UK and they’re in Soho in London – just ONE stockist i.e. not a chain! No wonder it’s so expensive. They best be amazing pictures ;)

    I’ll be holding out for pilfered pics online :)

  3. ABby, Yeah, it’s interesting. :D


    Thanks for the info! My gut has a tingle, so I’m proceeding with caution. LOL!

  4. Passed the word onto my blog and my feelings about the news being shaky because nothing official has been mentioned. I did give you credit for the news and a link to RAFrenzy.

  5. I appreciate that Misha, and fyi, I put you on the Addict List quite a while back. :D

  6. I don’t know if you’ve seen this: https://www.facebook.com/ShayneBenignoMakeupPage/posts/285217701578980

  7. I have now. :D

  8. this comment has been moved to the proper post!

  9. This is what I get for commenting before coffee. LOL!! This comment should go in the Onion post. :D

  10. I’ve updated this post with some info from Fault Magazine.

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