A Hearty Thanks

I can’t let this day end without saying thanks to all of you who have made this such a place of pleasure for me, and of course thanks to Richard Armitage for being the perfect foil, which I mean in the very best way. Yep, this is the darndest (sp?) thing I’ve ever done, but I’m glad.

I also have great thanks for my family who puts up with me, and despite all of the trials this year, I’m glad to be alive, glad my family is alive, and glad we love each other no matter what. Enough cannot be said about that. So much to be thankful for, and I give God all the credit.

And now a somewhat Thanksgiving looking scene although this look passed almost a month ago. It’s what I pretty much looked at every day until the snow hit:

When I wasn’t looking at this LOL:

Photos courtesy of me and a local.


  1. Thanks to you for bringing so much into my life: not just hootsuite, but all kinds of other blessings.

  2. I’m thankful to have you back in the RA Universe!

  3. Thank you, Frenz, for sharing your thoughts, photos, vids, contests, and so much more through your blog–it’s a fun and interesting ride, not just the RA-related stuff, but the tangents, too. ;)

    I realize more than ever this year how important family and friends are. Amongst my blessings, I give thanks for my RA “family,”

    God bless you and yours.

  4. Angie, Thank you, and God Bless you. I’ve enjoyed you as well. You are a hoot! :D Been catching up with my email and reading about your mishap. Hope it’s going better now!

    Thanks, B! I’m glad you’re still here too, and that you’re blogging. It’s fantastic. What in the name of Pete did you do with all of that creativity before now?

    Servetus, I think you know I feel the same. I may show up on your door someday when you least suspect it.

  5. Watching this now :D


  6. Really enjoy reading your blog, a bright light in a all too sad world sometimes. Blessings to all RA admirers across the globe!!!

  7. Me, a hoot?! Guitly as charged, I suppose. Hope you enjoyed the video. Do we ever really get tired of looking at that man?

  8. Absolutely not!!

    I played your PSA for my SO, and he thought it was great.

  9. Awww. That is nice. :D I certainly had fun doing it. The things Richard Armitage has led me to do! The ming boggles . . .

  10. Thanks a lot RAFrenzy to share with us all these photos, videos, etc. :-)

  11. As usual, I’m way behind! You DO know, you were my first…RA related blog, that is. I was hooked from the first read and have been loving’ it ever since! Thanks, girlfriend for the laughs, music and ponderings…oh yeah, and the occasional RA pic, altho I, as I’m sure many others do, come here for the intellectual articles that you post and if, perchance, a nice photo pops up…well, that’s just frosting on the cake. So to speak. That’s my story….. =0)

  12. By the by…Jennifer Nettles is hosting (and singing in) the CMA Christmas special!!! Just thought you might want to know if you didn’t already.

  13. Lovely photos!! I’ve enjoyed “knowing” you on cyberspace for a number of years now. Thank you for being there and I feel bad as I haven’t been around as much as I think I should have these past few months.

  14. Late here: what else is new? Just very happy to see RAFrenzy on the blogsphere. Have a wonderful holiday season and 2012, frenz.

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