Thank you, Sir Peter

Is this a fake fan letter? Yes, since I won’t be sending it to the man. But it is sincere.

Dear Sir Peter,

You have great taste and should be commended for it. I know many others more important have said as much, but I had to say it too. There are so many things lacking in taste, lacking in good judgment. So many things that leave me dissatisfied. But you came with your good judgment about quality, and I feel wonderfully refreshed. Every detail of that trailer was perfectly done, and thank you for recognizing that Richard Armitage belonged there. Many of his fans have long recognized he is quality, and it’s such a joy to know someone of your position recognizes it as well.

And may I say as someone who has been a fairly tepid Tolkien fan, you are pulling me into that madness. I was not prepared to go willingly, but I find myself continually wanting to delve in deeper to the point I may become proficient in Sindarin.

Guren glassui,
One of Richard’s fans, who is not as crazy as she appears and fast becoming appreciative of Middle-Earth

P.S. My apologies for not observing the proper protocol before when I called you a mere Mr. :D


  1. Amen Sister, amen!!!!

  2. I totally agree, Frenz. This film is in the hands of a brillliant director (and brilliant promoter of his work) and knowing Richard is in his capable and discerning hands means so much. Richard is just too good an actor not to be recognised by the big boys.

    I read and enjoyed LOTR as a teen and I liked the movies, but I am not obsessed with Tolkien (just Richard Armitage).

    Through the video blogs, the trailer, the embedded reports, I become more and more intrigued by this entire project.
    And that is one fine-looking dwarf. ;)

  3. I am so sleepy this morning having stayed up way past my bedtime to get into the madness.

    I so agree with Frenz here because I was never really a Tolkien affectionata. Oh I watched the movies but now, now I even went off and bought the Hobbit book to re- read over the holidays. I am a Richard Armitage fan but now I am becoming a big fan of this project and of PJ. The man obviously knows talent.

    You know what I wish for? That we would all somehow would be able to get together and watch this movie as a group. How is that for fandom!!!! I can only imagine how much fun we would all have.

  4. @gracie…I went to sleep singing and woke up humming with The Voice and there wasn’t a whole lotta sleep going on. Had a hard time settling down. Naptime is highly anticipated for the afternoon.

    So I say we all meet in LA/NYC/wherever and partaayyyy. The Sisterhood of Sir Peter…kind has a ring to it?!

    Tried to find my Hobbit book at 1am so I can do a re-read. I sped thru it the first time…must savor each word now.

  5. I vote for NY, but then I could accomplish two purposes.

  6. Gracie, if you will put an email on your posts, I won’t have to approve them each time. if you’re not comfortable with that, create a phantom email. No one says you have to use it. :D

  7. I hear you Frenz!!! Couldn’t settle down. Never thought I would be so excited about a bunch of dwarfs. This one in particular with a beautiful baritone voice had me wishing I could do a duet with. LOL.

    It would be so wonderful to watch the movie with the Sisterhood of Sir Peter. I look forward to that possibility.

  8. Oh I am so sorry. I did not realize it I had to put an email. I will most certainly do that.

  9. It’s not a problem for me; it just made you have to wait on me to approve.

  10. He. Is. A. GENIUS!

  11. I’m beginning to appreciate that.

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