Can’t Go to Sleep After This

So I’m up looking at Twitter and realize a band had followed me some days ago. This is not an uncommon occurrence since I like to talk about music, and I try to look at every band that happens to do that or who sends me a message. This morning was a pleasant surprise. Check out Virgin Soldiers, who have some angst going on underneath the harmony:

I don’t know why they took down the video above. I hope it’s not due to legal wrangling within the band. Oh well, I’m replacing it with another one:

By the way, it’s a toss up between ‘Human Race’ and ‘Therapy’ for my favorite.

I chuckled and wondered how they were able to play without laughing:

Here’s their site, and note they have an EP launch coming up this Wednesday, December 28th at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells.

If I were anywhere near Kent, I’d go see them.

Yes, I understand some of you are wondering about an EP launch. I’ve got you covered here. :D

edit: Obviously, some of the videos from Virgin Soldiers have been removed since I wrote this post, but they have added others. To wit:

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  1. Oh I like them. Thanks Frenzy.

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