Let’s Do Lunch?

If you have ever wondered what RA frenzy really looks like, see what Calexora is proposing. I just have one thing to say about it. If you go, get some pictures and video for us! :D

But candidly, this is so majestic and lush (click to enlarge photos):

not to mention this:

that Callie might not be that crazy. :D

Hobbit Press Conference screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.com. Hobbit trailer screencaps are mine.


  1. When I read the title and first few lines of this post, I thought, “American RA fans are getting together for lunch? When? Where?” and then I was like, “WHY am I not a rich Australian!?” :)

  2. Yes Nat! I want to be a rich Australian,or better yet a rich Polish woman :)
    Existence of a rich Polish woman is just us possible us the existence of a welthy Polish abstinent without a mustache.:D
    Joanna from Poland:D

  3. Girls, if Cali makes room for me, I am going to NZ to get me some RA…I mean for the premiere of the Hobbit. lol

  4. oh man how tempting is that? The trip=tempting. Really. I can swing a US premiere but not sure I could justify NZ or the auction. Could I? Naw. Can’t do it. Unlesssss……

    I could go as chaperone!!! That’s it! Sir Peter on my left, RA on my right with MF and Cate Blancett across the table…and Howard Shore so we can talk music.

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  6. Bottom landscape has now become my desktop picture :D

  7. Sheepa, believe it or not, those two landscapes look a lot like the area where I live. I’ll have to post some pics sometime.

    I think the LA premiere would be a blast, but I doubt I’m ever going to go to something like that. If I go anywhere, it’s going to be NY, and I think several of you know why. LOL!

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