People, People, People

I know Peter Jackson won’t allow any photography from the winner of the Charity Auction! I was kidding about getting some pictures. It was just a joke. Honest.

Although if I were a winner, I might be tempted to take one of these to NZ:

No, not the matchstick. That thing above it — the camera. :D Of course I would also have to get a fake id and board a plane under false pretenses, so that I wouldn’t have to sign my real name on the non-disclosure agreement. LOL!

Watch someone take this seriously. Haven’t you learned anything about this blog?

Maybe a disclaimer to Sir Peter will soothe you:

Dear Sir Peter,

I like to tease which you may not realize since you have absolutely no clue about me or this blog. Thank Heaven! But if for some reason you do, ignore me.

A fan, but I am not at liberty to say who I am a fan of at the moment. It’s all very secret so that no one will feel funny, ever, about anything.

So the letter to Sir Peter didn’t work?

Maybe a picture will put you in a better mood:

Oh, you’re still reading, Sir Peter. Well, pay no attention to the picture. It’s just a photo of a pleasant looking chap who could pass for some guy named Richard Armitage.

Photo of the camera courtesy of some site selling spy equipment. Screencap is mine.


  1. *facepalm* People *still* don’t know when you’re joking?

    Maybe I suggest after each joke you type “ZOMG!!!11” Or maybe a prompt like [laughter!] Apparently the LOLs are broken. ;)

  2. Are you kidding me?!!! I wouldn’t have nearly so much fun if everyone got the joke.

  3. Yer loony. Just sayin’.

  4. I just fell off my mother’s barstool. And no I’m not drinking! This is hysterical. But we can still take videos right? =o)

  5. Nooooo Frenz, no one is allowed to take pictures so it serves to figure that you cannot have hidden cameras. It would also be illegal to sign a false declaration or board a plane under a false name.

    Oh wait, you are joking? LOL
    I can’t imagine someone taking it seriously, but then again……..

    On another note, does RA have half his face tanned in this picture?

  6. JB, the pot calling the kettle….. And I even left out the part about the frisking the auction winners will receive. LOL!

    NB, Maybe. I’ll have to find a micro video cam. :D

  7. Gracie, that looks like the burn below a pair of ski goggles.

  8. Oh, you are right. I see it now. I was going cross eyed wondering.

  9. I just found your blog a couple days ago. You’re amazingly funny. :-D

  10. *grin*

    BTW that pleasant looking chap’s not half bad, even with a ski goggle tan!

  11. Similar to what Judiang said, why don’t you just say “Bazzinga!” – like Sheldon does in TBBT – after every post? :D

  12. Sheepa! That’s a great idea! I <3 TBBT!

  13. What a nice smile and those eyes of his…mmmmm..*sigh*
    Note!!!Failure of bladder highly probable!
    Lack of many will protect me from embarrassing situation,..hmm..interesting.

  14. A frisking? Isn’t that a Miranda violation?

  15. @JB…depends on who’s doin the friskin! =o).

  16. ROFLOLL!!!!!!! I was just about to take a sip of coffee. So glad I didn’t.

    JB, Miranda only applies in the U.S., but wait, we can be frisked at the airport on almost no probable cause, and they frisk people everyday at the Statue of Liberty. Yes, ironic. My then 6 year old child was run through a machine that frisks instead of a person. I thought it was just a metal detector until we were all in the thing and it started blowing our clothes.

  17. @NB…I’m SO glad it wasn’t me who said that…thanks for having my back, lol!

    @Frenz…do NOT get me started on the erosion of civil liberties in the US.

  18. Don’t worry; I won’t. If I get started on anything remotely political, I’ll regret it. Although I am on my soapbox about SOPA and likely to stay there. I’m about to put up a piece about it because there is such misunderstanding about it. On this one, we CANNOT leave it to any politician. I don’t care what their backgrounds are. They either have an agenda or their ignorant of how the web really works or both. This one’s important enough that people need to get educated, or they are going to regret it.

  19. *sigh* I know, JB. Very uncharacteristic of me. Going back to my corner.

  20. Well, it is a true statement. Can’t be faulted there. :D

  21. Kaity, my apologies for not acknowledging you sooner! I’m usually running through these comments so quickly. I need to slow down. And thanks for the compliment. I do aim to please.:D

  22. Wow. I forgot I even commented on this post earlier this year. :)

    No worries!

  23. It does seem a long time ago. Anything beyond a couple of weeks is a blur to me.

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