One more nod to Matt, and this one is for all of you Apple bigots. It's also a fitting post for the Chinese New Year.


EDIT: This American Life has retracted the episode after Mike Daisey was found to have fabricated some of the information he presented in the episode. Links to clarifying information and my take here.

If anybody didn’t catch last week’s episode of This American Life, “Mr. Daisey and the Factory,” you should listen to it right away. The episode is an hourlong excerpt of Mike Daisey’s one man show, The Agony and the Ecstacy of Steve Jobs, a timely monologue about Steve Jobs and the working conditions in the factories in China that make most of the world’s electronics, from iPhones to Xboxes.

One thing that I was thinking about while I was listening to the episode was what it means, in this day and age, to be a prophet. Because Mike Daisey sounds like a prophet. I think we have a confused concept of what a…

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  1. Surely Apple computers are not the only ones made in China?

  2. This isn’t just about Apple, but it also can burst the bubble of some of those who do seem to worship Apple as a religion.

  3. And btw, I hate the new reblog function. Yuck.

  4. I don’t ever reblog :( Oh well.

  5. I wasn’t going to, but I didn’t feel like composing a post, and I wanted to highlight that piece. I really do enjoy Matt and hope others will seriously read his blog.

  6. Too bad the reblog function sucks!

  7. rats, I thought it might be something I could use. If I knew how. And exactly what reblogging is. Probably just as well, The world is safer now.

  8. Chucks! It was a podcast last week & now I have to pay :( I did subscribe to this podcast once – it IS as super one too!

  9. I have to confess I used to get heartily sick of all the Mac snobs in the newspaper office. Granted, I enjoyed working on my iMac (until it broke down–interestingly enough, every one of those computers–I think they bought four–crashed and they were not very old . . .) but I always got the distinct impression they thought themselves superior beings for owning Macbooks and iPhones and iPads (well, the boss was the only one who had an iPad) and so forth. Not saying Apple doesn’t make a good product; I just don’t care to worship at that particular altar, either. ;)

  10. NB, I about lost my coffee on the keyboard when I read that. LOL! No worries. We’ll have you reblogging in no time. :D

    Iz, Yeah, you have to pay. bummer.

    I do think Apple makes a good product, but when there is a lemon, ohmygosh, you will pay through the nose.

  11. […] Awhile back I reblogged a piece from one of my favorite bloggers, Matt Eilar, and he has now posted an update that I hope you read […]

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