Whitney Houston, May She Be at Peace at Last

Whitney Houston is dead at 48. I can’t stop shaking my head.

edit: I have to add this video even if it doesn’t seem to exactly fit the subject at hand. Whitney Houston is the ONLY one who sang this and it was enjoyable. The rest of the time I can feel the masochist who wrote the music laughing at us all when we sit through it.


  1. Shocking, I agree. I am really beside myself. RIP.

  2. So sad, what a waste of life and talent. Her demons got the best of her. Shows how drugs can screw you up. I’m presuming her death is drug related. Sad also for those left behind, daughter has lost her mother. RIP Whitney.

  3. This is heartbreaking.

  4. I’m deeply shocked. Just don’t know what to say.

  5. An amazing talent, may she now find the peace she struggled to find in her life.

  6. Shaking along with you .. and that song has a whole new meaning now .. may she dance with joy now forever at peace ..

  7. It’s sad that a such potential (talent , beauty…) have been damaged too soon. But that I want to remember is the Bodyguard period , when she was so artistically at the top (for me).

  8. That beautiful voice. Deeply sorry.

  9. I added a video to the post.

  10. So sad. There are so many people – not just celebrities – who find themselves caught up in something bigger than themselves and they can’t find their way out of it. I really had high hopes she would pull it together, but sadly that didn’t happen. She’ll always be remembered as one of the greatest voices. How ironic to lose Etta James and Whitney so close together. Both women set the bar so high for any other musicians to follow.

  11. Shocking news:( RIP Whitney.

  12. It’s very sad. She was so talented and what a beautiful voice… :-(

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