A Confession on Valentine’s

Imagine that.

Isn’t that what Valentine’s is really about?! Of course it is! Every time February 14th rolls around most women I know start spilling their guts, and I must admit I feel the need to do it as well and drafted a post with great detail about my passion for SO, and how it’s survived despite his refusal to participate in Valentine’s Day. But I thought better of it, and sent it to the trash bin. You can thank me now for that bit of wisdom. I also came with a piece about the music I habitually think of on Valentine’s. Yep, I trashed that one too. And just about the time I was saying valetines shmalentines, up popped some inspiration in the form of a Google Alert (God love Google. :D). “An Open Love Letter to Richard Armitage”, and what a letter it is. Made me feel ever so much better about my addiction, and now I can do what has been on my mind for the last hour — go to bed and get a good night’s sleep for the ides of February.

Night all, and I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

And just one sop to my musician gene; can’t think of a more fitting tune for this frenzy:

Okay, a picture too since Harry is Valentine’s:

[As Usual, Click to Englarge]

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. Very funny, loved it! Thanks for the link, frenz.

  2. I would love to read your trashed posts. I enjoy reading the posts that have “passed muster” and they always bring a smile on my face. Would really love to read what RAfrenzy deems unappropriate ;)

  3. and, silly me, that should be inappropriate…Have you noticed you notice typos the moment you hit the “post comment” button ;)

  4. I agree with your previous poster (who needs a nickname btw), as I am too lazy to type her whole name! :)
    That was an excellent post you found, and I couldn’t help but leave a comment!

  5. Have I ever said how much I love this pic? But I’ve never been able to discern if he’s in character or if this is a candid. It looks candid..so open, so fresh, so friendly…just soooo everything. I could sit down with this guy and have a chat over coffee. That’s what this looks like…”Hey, Rich…wanna go get a cuppa?”

  6. Strangely, Valetine’s Day has never sparked huge attention or emotion in me, either when I’m with someone or single, either positive or negative. I think for me it’s a day to try to be sweet :)

  7. This was hilarious, thanks for posting.

  8. Glad you all got a kick out of that. I loved reading it last night when I really was about to call it quits on what I was writing.


    Inappropriate=boring. :D


    Pinup? or IWant? Either works for me if it works for IWantToBeAPinup


    I’ve never thought much about Valentine’s except one year of my life. I think you know that story. LOL!

    NB, I think technically that’s a promo still for Vicar, but the magazine layout seemed to give the impression it could be behind the scenes.

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