Reblog of 365 Trinkets

Okay, I lied. I’ve got one more thing this evening, and then I’m off to bed. No, we didn’t finish ‘North and South.’ One more episode to go.

I come with this because it’s a wonderful blog, and I really don’t like to throw around words like ‘wonderful’ and only use them when something really just grabs me, and well, I think it’s wonderful.

Tonight’s post from 365 Trinkets:

When our art teachers told us to make something, we said, “Gimme one good reason why I should.” When they told us we had to simply because they told us to, we said, “Whatever, then I’m not doing it.” Then, when they told us that Mother’s Day was coming up and that we should at least make something for our moms, we said, “Yeah, okay, fine–but what do I make?” Man, teachers don’t get paid enough, but when I was 15 and said this to my art teacher, she told me to make this plant pot, and I’m glad she did because it offered me a chance to be misunderstood.

That is in fact a bee you see on the side of this pot and not a caterpillar, as my mother mistakenly assumed. “Oh, and look at the cute caterpillar on here,” she said.

Read the rest here

And this is someone who is not blogging everyday, but do I care? Heck no! I just look forward to whenever he decides to post, and I think you will too if you haven’t already read that piece. You can thank me later for turning you onto this blog. :D And for not using the WordPress reblog function. LOL!

Good evening.

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  1. This guy IS funny. I just read his “Twinkets” post and realized that I could be his Twinket sister. Just finished cleaning out drawers in one bedroom and donated many trinkets to my grands. They loved them. Not sure about their mommies tho….;)

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