It’s All About Richard Armitage, Baby!

What?! FanstRAvaganza! Starts March 12th. Wait. You’ve never heard of Richard Armitage? He’s the guy on the header, and the sidebar, and here:



and also here:

Click on any of the pictures for more, and if that’s not enough, join me for Fanstra. Yep, it had to be abbreviated since I kept misspelling it, which I’ve finally figured out is due to almost every letter being typed with the left hand.

Okay, some of the posts this week will be about his fans, but it all leads back to him. :D

Screencaps and still from


  1. WooHoo! Bring on F3. Focus on fans, Frenz. All the ditzy people we are. (Hopefully, not polarised, which defeats the movement – just critical and grounded)

  2. You do know that the reason I came up with that name was to test bloggers’ facility as left handed typists. But “Richard Armitage” is also a heavily left handed thing to type as well.

  3. Hoot Hoot! FanstRA 3 is around the corner!!!
    Buy the bubbly, put it on ice! Pull out the top hat and bowtie.
    It’s going to be major! I have been checking my schedule and the upcoming week seems to be quite calm, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday free. This means diving head first into the madness of RA fandom!

  4. See the stars at the top of this post? If you’re on a phone, you can’t see them. But if you can, someone actually dissed this post. I don’t even know why I still have stars as an option on this blog. I don’t even remember selecting it as an option, but I guess I did at sometime, and I’ve just never turned it off.

    LOL! I have to laugh. Who would diss this post? Someone who either a) doesn’t like me, b) doesn’t like this event, or c) doesn’t like Richard Armitage. The first one is understandable, the second one is forgivable, but the third one? The person is crazy! :D

    Or maybe someone’s finger slipped. LOL!

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