Let the Conversation Begin

This is my first post for FanstRAvaganza 3, and beginning tomorrow I will be covering something that has been the most delightful part of being a fan of Richard Armitage. Hang around while I begin to explore the creative urge and process as it relates to acting and more.

But this post is primarily for highlighting the structure of this year’s event, and its effort to promote community and diversity:

Blogfest organizers have found a way to do something quite innovative (and organizationally complicated): each post will link to another post via what they’re calling a tag-team, allowing readers to move through shared ideas from blog to blog, almost as if they’re conversations about a theme or a performance. Because, of course, it’s intended to be a conversation: a way for 34 different writers and their many readers to chime in and think about these topics. What a terrific idea, and what a nicely democratic way to get everyone talking to everyone else. — Feminema

It should also be noted that no two posts will explore exactly the same aspects of a topic (or chain). With a rendering of each day’s links, it’s our hope that you will be drawn to each blog piece and move easily through from one to the next. Today’s Conversation found here.


  1. […] of a Watcher) divulges a classified memo re: Lucas North’s return to Section D • RAFrenzy highlights the structure of the event • Nat with an Armitage quiz • Traxy on Armitage as inspiration and Gently Go Man • Fanny […]

  2. I am looking foward to this wonderful event. Thus far I have experienced a wonderful community who have welcomed and embarced my RA Love.

  3. I’m eager for more and your explanations are very helpful! :D

  4. I feel like I should be saying Shehecheyanu.

  5. This has been a buzz already and it’s only two hours in. The highlight is visiting all the new bloggers I am discovering.

  6. Hats Off!

    So well organized with titles for each post makes it easy to make your way around.

    It is so much fun listening to the ‘new’ voices and reading the comments too.

  7. And let the games begin!

  8. Monday is almost over where I live and FanstRa 3 has had a tremendous start. I can only guess how much thought, effort and organization you, Servetus and everybody else who’s actively involved must have put into it. As I already said to Servetus – RA’s agents should put you on their payroll ;-).
    Well done and thank you!!!

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