A Hot Spur, If You Will

[click to enlarge]

FanstRAvaganza continues!

Please remember this is all part of a large conversation. Today’s Conversation found here.

Back later (yes, today) to continue my part of it.


  1. […] costumes • Guy’s outbreaks are escalating at judiang’s therapy sessions • RAFrenzy spurs us all onward • Longhairedtoad guests at Richard Armitage Fan Blog with “If RA Had a Superpower […]

  2. Oh……………dear God…………..

  3. Hotspur. Hotspur…Sean Connery in Henry !V pt. I. And now, Armitage as Gisborne! (My horse just ran away – a kingdom for my horse! please?)

  4. Would that be a super-posable horse? Or a horse named Richie? Oh! what fun it is to ride. LOL.

  5. LOL! Hot spur indeed. (I confess I’m not much of a Guy fan, but that pic. is helping to break down my resistance to him).

  6. *Nat whistles while looking at S3, brooding Gizzy*

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