Google, I love you, but you’re doing me dirty today

I have not been able to access my Gmail account for several hours (Temporary Error 500 with code 93, which means it’s a Google server error). Very frustrating — especially considering I have some information stored there for my next post. Given that I’ve been thwarted, I’m reverting to my back up account, which is the same address as my main account but with a 1 on the end of the name. So yeah, that means it’s RAFrenzy1ATgmailDOTcom. My only real problem is I do not have any contacts and email created in the last few weeks. I usually back up once a month but wasn’t due yet hence the need to come with this post. And yes, this is a bit of a vent. LOL!

That aside, I hope everyone is having a good day. I am in spite of this; I think.

This sort of sums up where I’m at:

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageCentral


  1. The day somehow seems cursed. I have two students have to take incompletes due to sudden major medical problems and filed my tax return and I owed. A lot. Let’s hope tomorrow, or even the afternoon, is better.

  2. Good luck… My account’s been okay today, but I know a couple of folks who’ve been hacked today too. I wonder if Google’s doing some security maintenance to their servers…?

  3. I hate having all of my mail downloaded onto my hard drive, but I suppose I’ll have to give in and do it. Sorry to hear about your student, Servetus.

    I think there was some pd being done, but heck, they can put up an announcement. Instead, I got nothin’.

  4. That photo is hilarious. Hey! I’m dealing with a major water leak with water spewing all over my kitchen! Let’s form a club!

  5. I have blocked your attempt to add me to your circle on Google plus, just as I had to block you from my e-mail after I walked away from an argument here about using twitter to stalk Armitage (you were in favor if it, big surprise) and you proceeded to spend hours sending me e-mails continuing the argument until you decended into personal insults. I see you were able to get back in Servetus good graces, but you do not get to play both sides. Since so many of your group has spent so long villifying me as evil incarnate, the least you can do is not follow me in other forums.

  6. I believe in second chances, but I guess the craziness continues. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    What is sad in you believing this is that I have never vilified you. You are doing it to yourself in this comment. I hope you do find what you’re looking for as you are a fine writer, extremely bright and potentially have a lot to offer, but not like this. Go in peace.

  7. Wow. “get back in Servetus good graces”? In my world, people can disagree strongly and still act in love to each other.

  8. Wait, you’re tied up like a Christ figure because a Cockney didn’t like the idea that you might or might not have “made” his son gay, and he saw you in a pose like that on a drawing his son had made? Well, I ever! :O


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