Slowly But Surely — The Hobbit Premiere Dates

Let’s see, we have the New Zealand premiere date for The Hobbit on November 28, 2012, and now we finally have another one. The Royal UK premiere will be on December 12, 2012. If Warner Bros. or Sir Peter could cough up a few more dates, I would be happy. Actually, it would only take one more date to put a grin on my face. That would be New York. So c’mon with the New York date! :D


  1. Really need to work on them to have a major premier in the midwest – Chicago maybe?

  2. Good luck with that!!

  3. Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!! *runs around screaming*
    I’ve kept a note of this date, thanks Frenz!!! Let’s hope I can make it now, my awesome bag of unluckiness seems to never run out when it comes to this man.

  4. How does one get tickets to a premiere? (Or is it even possible for regular people to do so…?) I’m going to be in London on 12/12, and that would be something!

  5. I don’t think “regular” people can get tickets unless they win them or get them by other special means, but they can line up as spectators for the red carpet. I’ve never done that, so I’m ignorant about such things, but I’m sure there will be more info coming about it. :)

  6. Yeah, I don’t think regular people do get ON the red carpet, we are, i guess, always spectators. As for watching the film that night, I have no idea how to get a hold of those tickets.
    I plan to be a spectator. I doubt I’d get anywhere close to the red carpet with all the Hobbit/Tolkien/PJ/RA fans there. If I can just ONE picture OF him I’ll be a happy bunny :)

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