There Will Be Typos

November 21, 2012

Some of you are thinking about writing, perhaps blogging, and I look forward to what you will share. Doesn’t matter if it’s Richard Armitage related or not. Just bring it, and I think you will find a group amongst the readers and fellow bloggers here who will not only support your efforts but is thoughtful and dare I say educated enough to give you some helpful input. So what are you waiting for?

If it’s about your identity, start off anonymously. There is no law that says you can’t. And if it’s about making a mistake, then get over that. You ARE going to make a mistake. More than one. Digest that thought as a reality and you’re good to go.

This is getting the ‘Richard Armitage’ tag because Richard has been a great conduit for many of us coming together to discuss many more things than him. Thanks, Rich.

And a picture of our dear boy going for it:

Oh, and I made a comment on Twitter about being on a caffeine high this morning. You’ll believe me sometime today. :D

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. If anyone needs more encouragement, there’s a 5 part series “on blogging” created by Judiang last year, in which Frenzy also participated as did I. All I can say is, know why you’re doing it, and go for it. Series starts here:

  2. I replied to you on Tumblr. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans!

  3. Embrace the mistakes and move on, with new knowledge and lust for living. Refer to lovely Richard photo above as illustrative of that last line.

  4. I always feel a bit sad that people don’t want to start a blog or are apprehensive about being a guest blogger because they doubt their language skills.
    Sure, there are readers that may be very demanding (let them write their own bloody blog is what I say, stop criticising others!) but they are so few they aren’t worth thinking about.
    We come from all 4 corners of the world and something more than just the correct use of grammer or spelling that brings us together :)
    I’d also like to encourage lurkers to leave comments. It only takes one leap of faith to be welcomed in our community, so it’s time to take the step :)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, cousins! (ours was a month ago.) I assume a turkey was granted the Presidential pardon?

    Don’t sweat the typos – it’s an art! :D

  6. I have tried so many times to write in english and yes it is hard when the language is self-taught and very limited, and when being aware of all the critics out there.
    I’ve also been in an out of lurking here and there, and it would be great to be “brave enough” to take part in more of all the activities and the community.
    It’s a bit lonely on the outside looking in.

    I have a number of blogs. But in swedish.

  7. Benita, please come in; I just did. Friendship and fellowship is here.

    As for language, I am pretty sure your English is 100 percent better than my Swedish. Plus I love accents.

    And I am sure the lasses here will all agree!

  8. Benita,

    I’m humbled at your command of English when I know how lousy my Swedish can be. Okay, so I only know two words. :D

    Seriously,you’re doing so well. I look forward to reading more.

  9. Wow! Two words? Well, you are more worldly than I. : D

  10. Now Frenz, I’m curious… What 2 words are they? :)
    (maybe I know them in english?)

    Thank you so much Frenz and Janine. :D
    I’ll try to be a little tougher and less shy about the language barrier. :)

  11. I actually know a few more than two; maybe 10. The two I was thinking of I had never read only heard, so I had to look up how it’s spelled: vackra ögon

  12. Homework? … Oooo, well I can totally go for that. No wonder you know THAT!

    I’d like to hear someone say that. Especially one someone. ;)

  13. vackra ögon = beautiful eyes :)
    Yeah, we know someone with a pair of those. :P

  14. Benita, and everyone else whose first language isn’t English: if you don’t feel confident enough to start a blog in English, you could always write the occasional guest post on someone else’s blog and see how you get on. It would be good practice, if nothing else. If you still prefer to blog in your native tongue, it’s not as if you HAVE to write an English language blog if you don’t want to. :)

    But if you just want to practice writing in English once in a while, I’m sure there are plenty of bloggers out there who’d be happy to have you as a guest poster, and who won’t berate you for not having perfect grammar or things like that, and who would love to read what you have to say, regardless of your topic. I’m one of those bloggers, and my door is open to everyone everywhere – fellow Swedes in particular! :)

  15. Capital suggestion! I’m game for a guest post although last time I checked, I’m not Swedish. ;-)

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