Conflicted Fangirl

Yes, it’s my quarterly bout of circumspection. It started last week when I posted something sane for a change. But I cannot be completely sane if pictures like this are still floating around:


Before I submerge my sanity again, I want to make it clear that my wish to take Richard out of his box is also a wish for myself. I do not want to be in continual fangirl mode. Sometimes it bores me. There I said it. No, it’s not the first time I’ve said, and it won’t be the last. And I don’t want to get into a debate about desire nor diagram this photo although it begs for diagramming. I acknowledge that readily, and that the man is walking desire. But I also see something far beyond that. Much beyond that, and the sane part of me doesn’t want to lose sight of it.

However, today when I was sifting photos, this one knocked me silly again. LOL! That might be a maniacal laugh. I’m not sure yet.

And actually, this is a public service post for the new fans. Yes, indeed that’s what it is! They’re still dazed by Thorin Oakenshield, but when they’re done, they now have something else to drool over. :D

I’ve had this picture for so long that I have no clue if it’s one of my screencaps or someone else’s.


  1. I have made the acquaintance of a Tolkien scholar and newly minted RA fan and pointed her to Sir Guy. Told her to hang on through the campiness and cheesiness (she is not impressed with poor JA as Robin) because Sir Guy is definitely worth the effort. She is watch now on Netflix. :D I have always loved the still above.

  2. I assume you’re going to let us know her reaction! :D

  3. I shall, indeed. BTW she has written some wonderful essays re Thorin and the dwarves which have appeared on DJ’s Heirs of Durin blog. And need I say she is most impressed with Richard’s performance as Thorin??

  4. Now THAT’S what I call a public service! Yowza, I’d almost forgotten.
    Time to dust off the Robin Hood DVDs, methinks.

  5. I don’t know why I keep clicking “Like” on these posts, because by now it’s obvious that I “Like” what you’re writing.

    I tell ya, though, I never really got into the “Guy” photos like the rest of you did. But I think it’s because I dig certain images or photos based on *how* I’m relating to the character RA is portraying.

    Ironically in this latest Hobbit thing, for example, I was most “attracted” to the Thorin character when he was facing down the goblin king, and the goblin was ridiculing his kingship. I related to that scene personally, so the Thorin character was all the more alluring in that case.

    All that is to say, when I look at the photos on line, I feel more or less attraction based on what I was feeling when I saw the particular scene in the film.

    Does that make sense? I’m coming out of a weekend of the flu, so if it doesn’t, blame the Nyquil. :-P

  6. It makes sense, but

  7. I swear I didn’t hit ‘post comment’ so I have no clue what’s going on.

    But yeah, it makes sense, but now I’m curious how much of Robin Hood you watched.

  8. Oh! I got up to the last half of the very last season …. and then I think dolphin camp interfered or summer or whatever …. and I never finished it. I guess I should then.

  9. I watched each of the first two seasons straight through. The third one I watched week by week. I also read a lot of fanfiction and I think that affected my view of Guy.

  10. I’ll rewatch season 3 from the beginning and get back to you on whether it changes my perception.

    It’s funny with me, because it’s not like a photo of Thorin by itself does it for me. But if I saw a still of the scene where Thorin is looking up at that Goblin King, I would be affected. It’s like how I felt when Russell Crowe faced down the emperor in the coliseum and rattled off that thing about having his vengeance.

    The photos alone don’t do it for me — but the still photos from the scenes do.

    Anyway! Back to swigging down Airborne …. I’ll check in later. :-D

  11. Hope you start feeling better!

  12. Yeah, pi, I thought that might give you a jolt,and if it didn’t, then someone needs to check your pulse. :D

  13. Nice RA photo! But I wonder why he’s wearing buckles on the back of the glove. I wonder if it was the costume designer’s idea to match the shirt closures or if it actually had some practical purpose.

  14. I’ve read an interview with the costume designer. Yes, I got that into Guy of Gisborne. She patterned his costume after a biker, and maybe she got a little carried away. :D The buckles are wolves. Are there any other questions? I can probably answer them. LOL!

  15. The wolf was part of Guy’s family crest (although the image was rather abstract) and he took such pride in his name and heritage, you’d expect him to want to show it off. His tattoo (later burned off with sadistic glee by Vasey) was a wolf, too, as I recall.

    And as anachronistic as his outfit was—I LOVED it. Heck, this is a show with Marian doing tai chi and Robin inventing hang gliding. And wearing a hoodie. Why not black leather and wolf’s head clasps on everything?? ;)

  16. Yes, the tattoo was also a wolf as was the family crest. See what group you’ve fall into, Eagle Eyed Editor? LOL!

  17. I loved it too, Angie.

  18. Much more than the season 3 outfit although I did love the hair!!

  19. The series three outfit grew on me—well, I really loved the floppy black pirate shirt and how well those Marvel of Engineering Trousers fit him. *ahem* The hair. Oh, the HAIR. YUMMM. A marvel of hair acting in that performance. Loved how he integrated the state of Guy’s mind into the hair. Richard, you are just soooooo good.

  20. Solidly Team Leather, I am.

  21. Richard made the most of it, slinking through those castle corridors and riding, back ramrod-straight, on his big black horse. Black leather really does suit the man and worked wonderfully for that character.

  22. Yes, he did make the most of that, but getting back the conflicted fangirl, if that’s all he did, I would not be this much of a fan of Guy. LOL!

  23. I love and appreciate Guy on so many levels, for reasons that people don’t always understand. It’s more than the sexiness and heat, too, although there IS that. *hubba hubba* He will always be the character dearest to me.

  24. I know you feel that way. :) He’s also the character dearest to me as well. It’s hard to imagine a character eclipsing him.

  25. @Frenz,

    Bwah! I’m aliiiiiiiiiiive! I’m aliiiiiiiiiive!

  26. The sideburns alone are enough to resurrect someone, and I don’t even like sideburns — on anyone else. :D

  27. IIRC the leather costume was modelled on an Italian racing car driver’s. Very sleek.

    Now that’s what I call a fitting and perfect STYLE (couldn’t resist :)).

  28. Actually, iirc, it was both a biker and a race car driver.

  29. And I guess it was a French driver instead of Italian. Last time I checked, Delon is French. But there may be more interviews than this one:

  30. I wasn’t prepared, Frenz! This may cause overheating of my CPU :)

  31. I think he had the most delightfully delicious role of the entire production – hair, sideburns, leather, smirks, sneers… We mustn’t forget that Guy really did have a bad childhood. I excused him for much of his bad behavior. He should have treated his sister better but that would have ruined the story.

  32. So glad I didn’t get a chance to read this until now, just to read all the comments.:D I still haven’t seen all of his roles, but Guy does say something to me, and I know me well enough to know this will be the character for me.

    And you give me great hope, Frenz. I won’t even use the word, but my intense past few months have had me worried I might be in that box and not able to get out. Up until the premieres. Then something changed. I am not examining it now, yet. I have a suspicion, though. Let’s just say I probably have watched more hours of him talking in interviews than I have of him in character. And that matters.

    The great thing is that I can be silly about, oh, say, Guy and have the strongest admiration for the man who acted the role.

    No box required. :D

  33. Oh, yeah. Sideburns.

    Any other man, I would run screaming. Well, at least mentally.


    Do I even need to confirm it? :D

    I’ve even been looking at the snazzy new haircut RA is sporting and thinking, hmmm. He needs a bit of sideburn.

  34. I didn’t even SEE the wolves on the buckles the first time, so I had to go back and blow up the picture. OH. MY. ;-)

  35. The costume is fascinating. I’m not sure the costume designer intended it, but certainly the evidence of Guy’s family crest everywhere on his person fits right in with his obsessive need to be somebody. I’m sure RA used that knowledge to help him get into character.And there’s probably an interview floating around that addresses that. Someone will jump and tell us if that’s the case. Or I hope they do. :D

  36. I meant “jump in”. Funny how one little word can change the entire meaning of something. Feel free to jump too — especially after looking at that picture. LOL!

  37. Maybe you shouldn’t have watched all Hobbit publicity, re. your suspicion.

  38. I did eventually step back from it, and I’m just now looking at some things and really enjoying them. Truthfully, I also had a lot going on personally that kept me from really participating, and I think that’s a good thing..

  39. My apologies, Patricia for not seeing your comment sooner!

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