This is Going to Be Interesting


Check out the details of Richard Armitage on the radio talking Richard III:

Hopefully, he will shed some light on what’s going on, but somehow I doubt it. Maybe my pessimist needs some caffeine to lighten up. :D

If BBC Leicester is having him on sometime after 5pm, that means sometime after 9am Los Angeles time.


So stay tuned. :D

Candid photo of Richard Armitage after another radio interview in September, 2010.


  1. Hope it sheds a little light. I am about to have breakfast and then try to get some sleep.Not been a good night for rest.

  2. Hopefully Ali or RACentral will get a recording of it. I may listen live myself. Depends on the timing of it.

    Hoping you get some good rest.

  3. In yesterday’s post you were sure he would be making a statement, and he’s doing it before the announcement tomorrow!

  4. That was my gut talking. Hang around and you’ll hear lots of talk from my gut since I’ve learned to rely on it more and more in my “old age.” :D

  5. Frenz, I am supposed to cut Benny’s hair this afternoon so I’d better get some sleep or he could live to regret

  6. ROFLOL!!

  7. Exciting!

  8. I’ve updated with the news RA may not make the show exactly as planned.

  9. That he intends to talk about it is enough for me think that he is going to confirm what Ms Langley already said. But that isn’t news until they have someone to finance it.

  10. Going to say this one thing, and then I’ll be out of pocket for a couple of hours.

    Here’s how I think it’s going to go (or close enough): How exciting! And Ms. Langley and the Richard III Society have done a wonderful job of pursuing the issues surrounding Richard III and have done no less in this situation with the excavation of the King’s remains. I appreciate the University of Leicester’s involvement in seeing this completed and the DNA testing done, and now we know. Now we know. As to my involvement, I would be honored to be part of a production featuring King Richard, but we are still in early days yet to see how that will play out.

    Oh, and he might say something about the fans if the interviewer brings it up.

    If he doesn’t make the radio show, count on a message to fans.

  11. All I can think of is his frequent flyer miles. Sorry. ;)

    Good estimation. I doubt there will be any message to fans.

  12. An email from a plane in the air means business class or first class. That is what I think. And I wonder what he has to do in LA.

  13. Not necessarily 1st or business class. More and more airlines in the U.S. are offering internet access these days.

  14. Now really, if you had really long legs and made $2 million + on The Hobbit, would you ever fly coach again? ;D

  15. You make a good point, Mrs. Darcy. :D

  16. Just now seeing your comment, Judi. I think there will be some sort of clarification to fans about his involvement whether he does it directly or not, i.e., he will make a statement of clarification whether making the show or not. That’s all I meant when I said that and not so much that he would make a message like those posted on RAonline. And as you probably know, he’ll be making a statement on Monday.

    This is too big not to make a statement, and at this point, who is really going to be interested in what he’s saying about this other than the fans? Well, maybe the RIII supporters. I guess I shouldn’t forget about them. :D But I doubt they’re as interested as we are.

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