Speaking of Richard Discoveries…

I love this!

Click to enlarge

But who drew it? I can’t make it out, but I want to know. I want to know! And I’ve already searched the egloos site but by all means try it again if you think you can unearth something. :D

It seems to originate with this tumblr, but I’m not sure if the tumblr owner drew it. I’ve sent a message to find out. In the meantime, if you have seen it somewhere, and my eagle eye just missed it, let me know please.

edit: the artist can be found DeviantArt


  1. This is gorgeous–the name looks like “evan”, but it’s just a single name, no indication of whether it’s the first or last name.

  2. This new drawing does not seem to be on the site yet, but this must be the artist’s site: http://evank7.egloos.com/
    There’s more lovely The Hobbit artwork there as well :-)

  3. That’s what threw me off. Where is it on the site? Hmmm. I think the tumblr may be related to this evank7 site. Not sure, but I’ve asked, so we’ll see. Thanks!!

  4. And it also has tomorrow’s date on it, but then it’s 2-14 in Korea.

  5. Wow, you are good, Frenzy. I noticed that drawing a few hours ago on somebody’s tumblr site (or maybe it was pinterest, I can’t keep track) a few hours ago (probably off one of your links) and thought, “that’s nice….” I did not, however, pursue it further. Now it’s official. I concede. You are more hypnotized than I am.

  6. What?! You didn’t realize that already? :D

  7. I found it on mezzmerized by richard tumblr site this afternoon. It really is fantastic. The artist really captured his likeness!

  8. Just got home but WOW! the guy is good. I guess it’s a guy but whoever it is seems to be as taken w/Thorin as we are! Did you see how many Thorin pieces there is in The Hobbit folder? I like the one looking down and also the full figure on the landscape…almost looks like tombstones??! Gotta go back and look some more.

  9. I checked out that webpage http://evank7.egloos.com but I couldn’t find that particular drawing. There are lots of other Hobbit portraits and even photos of Richard so the person is obviously a fan!

  10. He has posted it under today’s date. Go to http://evank7.egloos.com/ and scroll down, it is the second drawing. The first drawing is a haunting depiction of Thorin that might make you melt a little.

  11. Wooow… This Richard drawing is wonderful !!! :-)

  12. evank7.egloos.com “Moratorium” – He’s Korean. His page is filled with diverse, but equally fantastic images.

  13. This is beautiful !.. I love his vision of Richard as an elf :)

  14. You can also find evankart on the deviantard website.

  15. Thank you, I will add that link to the post!

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