The Other Shoe

I hope you didn’t get up early to listen to the “full interview” with Richard Armitage on BBC Radio in Leicester. It was a case of canned fruit sold as fresh. And I fell for it. LOL! I really am laughing and glad I’m sitting behind this computer screen, so a few of you can’t whop me on the head for encouraging you to get up early.

For those who didn’t listen, I’ll make this short. Over half the interview was about RA’s experience making The Hobbit. It was a nice response, but there was nothing new in what he said. I mean nothing. Probably could have done that part of the interview in his sleep. :D The second half was about Richard III but almost identical to what was heard on Sunday except for one noteworthy comment which I’m sure we’ll all parse until there is nothing left of it. :D He said he had not been approached to be involved in a production about Richard III.

So there it is.

Oh, and Emily Anderson was able to fulfill her dream of speaking to Richard, and for that, I’m glad. Good on you, Emily. I really mean that! And don’t listen to my jaded self speaking above. I know entirely too much about Richard Armitage and have to remind myself the good people of Leicester are not quite so saturated with his info.

So yeah, there you have it.

And now I’m going back to sleep.

Wait! A picture, and what is fast becoming my favorite. I can’t remember if I’ve used this one before, but I give warning that I may use this one a lot.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Portraits

And now I really am going back to sleep.


  1. I guess you are right – there was hardly anything new there. Ah well, I still enjoyed it – it’s nice to hear his voice. Eh, which reminds me, theoretically I could listen to his voice any time, thanks to YT…

  2. It’s certainly good to listen to his voice, but we could have simply hit replay on Sunday’s interview. LOL!

  3. Yes, the comment re: not having been approached to play in an yes-yet hypothetical production. Shall we be equally patient until it is known that there is financial and production backing?

    Also, not surprisingly, Armitage endorses a Leicester re-interment. True, not new life-shattering utterences, but condensed and given some clear context. So, not too shabby. (I forgot to tune in at 7am, knowing it would be later picked up and re-run. Too busy making my morning thermos of tea, and getting tax forms organised for the tax accountant. And checking into Fanstra 4.)

    Thanks for the broadcast, Frenz! Knew you’d be on it. :D

  4. Although nothing was new, I thought the way he spoke about RIII seemed like it was still a “dream” and so nothing encouraging must have happened while he was in Hollywood pitching the project. Anyway, that’s what it sounded like to me.

  5. I really like this photo. Listening this morning, I felt a lttle like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” D r i n k y o u r o v a l t i n e” with my Little Orphan Annie Decoder.. You are really funny. I love your blog.

  6. Okay, so I’m up; can’t go back to sleep no matter how badly I want to. We’re going on a historical tour in an hour, so I’m working myself up to get dressed. ;p

    “D r i n k y o u r o v a l t i n e” ROLFOL!!! I totally felt like Ralphie, but then again, look how much I’m immersed in this. My expectations are entirely unrealistic. Just need to remember that. :D

    And I feel a post coming on, but no, no, I need to post about Fanstravaganza, dammit! :-)

  7. Would have listened just for the voice as well. Use the picture all you want – love it!

  8. Thanks, but I didn’t get up anyway-I just had one of those weird feelings that nothing new would be forthcoming and because of my fibromyalgia, getting up at the crack is WAY down there on my list (even for you, dear Richard). But your report is hilarious.

  9. My comments about “Ralphie” above apply only to the radio statiion that dragged this interview out for two days and not for anything else about RA and/or RIII. If I was misundertood I apologize.

  10. Having learnt something from the Twitterfest, I used the “listen again” facility on Radio Leicester’s site (from 2h9m if anyone else wants to) so didn’t have to wait round for ages. If Emily Anderson is a fan, didn’t she do well holding herself together? Only gushed ever so slightly at the end, where she invited him to drop in to the radio station with a little too much enthusiasm! I don’t think I’d have been half so cool and collected, LOL!

  11. That’s always been my worst fear, in the unlikely event I ever met him–that I’d be so dumbstruck I wouldn’t be able to say a word and would make a complete idiot of myself. Either that or I’d faint.

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