This is the Way to Do It

I’m not back in full swing yet. Too much work going on, but I had to share this. It put a huge smile on my face. I’m still smiling and you will be too.

Methinks someone has been watching Vicar of Dibley again. If this isn’t VoD inspired, I’ll eat my hat.

I wish I had been more lighthearted at my own wedding. I was a stick-in-the-mud. Hopefully some of my children are reading this and know that I do not expect them to be the same when they marry.

Note: if I’m not back in full swing tomorrow, then you all can consider me dead, and I’m far from dead. Never felt more alive actually. :D

And a picture that still makes me belly laugh:


Screencap courtesy of


  1. I bet they rocked the reception too. Have you ever seen the wedding scene in “Love Actually”? Not as funny as the singers in the RA wedding scene of the Vicar, but still just as cute.

  2. Oh, yeah, I love that scene.

    And Alice has the bet part in that VoD scene. :D

  3. Soooo funny!

  4. One of my all time favorite screen weddings–although nothing beats the scene where she finally figures out that he’s asked her to marry him and goes crazy. His reactions are priceless, too–and he thinks he isn’t funny!

  5. Wonderful Frenz and VoD inspired for sure!! I laughed so much! My son is a Vicar so I had to send it to him and tease him about having to learn some dance moves for the future! :)

    VoD is a firm favourite and who could resist that gorgeous – and funny – accountant? ;)

  6. Frenz, did you notice the two older women who exited? They were not having any of it! lol!

  7. I did! That made it funnier. :D

  8. Frenz, did you notice the two older ladies who exited? They were not having any of it! :D

  9. ooops! I thought my first post didn’t make it! I was linked to this from IMDb , RA site. Will post a link on the N&S site asap…Hope you and yours are well, Frenz!

  10. I noticed that too! :) The old dears had probably never seen such “goings on” in a church before!! LOL

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