This is the Way to Do It

I’m not back in full swing yet. Too much work going on, but I had to share this. It put a huge smile on my face. I’m still smiling and you will be too.

Methinks someone has been watching Vicar of Dibley again. If this isn’t VoD inspired, I’ll eat my hat.

I wish I had been more lighthearted at my own wedding. I was a stick-in-the-mud. Hopefully some of my children are reading this and know that I do not expect them to be the same when they marry.

Note: if I’m not back in full swing tomorrow, then you all can consider me dead, and I’m far from dead. Never felt more alive actually. :D

And a picture that still makes me belly laugh:


Screencap courtesy of

Where’s Harry?!

Okay, so The Vicar of Dibley was finally back on the telly, but there’s some charming reverend in London who leaves Geraldine off kilter? What?! Oh, dear, is Harry back at home unaware of what’s going on? Or has Harry left the village? What the hell is happening? My world is off kilter! Say it isn’t so, Gerry!!

Geraldine needs a reminder:

vod2-103 Click for larger format

Ah, that’s better.

Divorce my ass, er, my arse.

Note: I love Damien Lewis. He’s one of my favorites too, but I’m not writing a blog about him. :D

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet

edit: If you live in the UK or access through a VPN in the UK, you can watch the iTunes full version of this skit. Yes, another plug for VPN. LOL!

second edit:

And the Vicar just gets around it seems:


The Vicar Invades Mumsnet

Or maybe that should say Mumsnet invades the Vicar? However it went down, Dawn French had a little chat with the ladies at Mumsnet about Harry Kennedy among other things.

Yes, we’ve heard some of this before, but can you hear it too much?! :D

Dawn deep in thought or something like that. I quite like that she’s smiling.

Is it just me who would love to meet Dawn French, and it has nothing to do with Richard Armiatage?

And shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I have been reading the threads on Richard Armitage at Mumsnet for several years. They always make me laugh. I’ve been afraid to let anyone know for fear the ladies would become self-conscious and take their lovely humor away.

Thanks to RichardArmitageNet.Com for the heads up.

Photo from another chat at Mumsnet in 2010.

We Need More Love

I don’t know what you’re doing today or where you’re going, but hopefully, you can reflect sometime this Christmas season on what it is that really counts. No matter your politics or your religion or what you’ve done right or wrong, can we all agree that we want to love and be loved?

The festive mood of this season has been slow to take root in me, but I really appreciate this community for encouraging me. In particular, bccmee has been great. She’s so upbeat and has such a sense of fun that it’s hard to stay down when you encounter her or her videos. She just sent me one that gave me such a warm feeling:

I may just have love in all of my titles until the end of the year. ;-)

edit: The song is ‘Everybody’ by Ingrid Michaelson

And I forgot to mention that bccmee is having a contest! Here’s how it works:

Try to spot as many special effects as you can. By special effect, I mean something that is different than the original video. Don’t overlook the obvious ones! Whoever sends me (bccmee on YouTube) a direct message with the most special effects listed will be able to choose their favorite Richard Armitage character for a future fanvideo!

Do Wah

Phylly, thank you so much for the Versatile blogger award. I guess those tangents weren’t too much then?

Before I get to the ins and outs of this award, I just want to say I really enjoy Phylly’s blog. She and I are on the same wave length if her interests are any clue. She has similar taste in music, movies, literature, humor, …actors. Her posts always strike a chord with me. One of my favorites is May 13th, “Show Your Pearly Whites!” Love this post for lots of reasons not the least of which is anyone who puts up a video of Allan Sherman is someone I would love to know better, and there are many other posts which make me think this about Phylly. That’s just the one that stands out in my mind. Wait. Then there was the post about Earth Day where she talked about being a great fan of Joni Mitchell. Me too! There was also the time she mentioned Ogden Nash, The Beatles, Far from the Madding Crowd and John Standring all in one post! I assumed she’s a fan of all of those, and it had me thinking me, me, me and also me are a fan.

So many times I’ve read her blog and had the thought, “I would have a great time with this person.” I’ve had these thoughts so much with some bloggers that I’ve wanted to acknowledge it with fanfare somehow. If you’re thinking this is a long thank you for my award, almost in the vein of an award for Phylly, then you’re right. It is in fact an award.

To Phylly goes the first ever “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” Blogger Award.

Phylly, may you be the first of many to wear it with a giggle if not with pride, and hopefully, this will keep us all from becoming too serious. As far as any rules for passing this on, it may be passed onto two bloggers who have you musing, “Yeah, I’d like to party with them.” But only two since oftentimes finding more can be a real hassle. Most important the recipients must not take themselves too seriously, which means they have to have some affection for Bill Murray. No Bill Murray love, no award. Fine Print: must like at least one thing — skit, movie, whatever –with Bill Murray. See his IMDb page for reference. The recipient must then share this Bill Murray love with us. Below is mine and what inspired this award:

I’ll get back to you on my Versatile Blogger award.

And just so this post won’t qualify as a tangent, I must have an RA segue, i.e., something that is not strictly about RA but not a tangent either. Sort of a variation of Six Degrees of Separation or the Kevin Bacon game.

So where was I? Oh, yeah, trying to think of something to say about RA. Since I’m tired, and I don’t really have anything to say about him this evening (yes, there are times when I really don’t have anything to say about him), how ’bout a picture?

and a song (the whole thing LOL!):

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com