Staying on the Road

For those following along, you may have noticed I removed one of my latest posts. But I’ve returned it to the queue, because I do not like removing posts or censoring discussion (other than obvious spam that isn’t seeking discussion but rather selling) or doing anything that seems to say, “I’m a control freak and you can play at my party if you do exactly what I want you to do.” I do admit to being a control freak, but I'm a recovering control freak, and one thing that's helped me out of it is my love of free exchange. Always have loved that. It's one of the things that makes life fascinating — listening to people and trying to understand where they are coming from. That truly is fun and yes, sometimes listening is heart breaking. It does break my heart to hear the anguish some people are going through.

But the truth is I'm not as anguished as I could be about my own situation. Of course SO and I have been through a lot (especially SO LOL! yes, I laughed, and he would too if he read that line), but we're thankful for our wonderful lives and give God credit for them. And yes, I can say wonderful lives despite troubles. It’s my hope that everyone can be thankful for their lives no matter their situations. Who doesn't have some troubles? Do you know one person who does not have troubles? I don't and never have known anyone who didn’t. Those people don’t exist. And I guess this Is my long way of making two things clear. I don’t want to whine about my life when really, it’s good. And I didn’t want to give the appearance of elevating my troubles to more important or more worth listening to than others. After I posted that piece, I felt it may have come across that way, and I couldn’t stand that so I removed the piece.

I put it back because the idea of free exchange won out. I have no problem sharing who I am with all of you except when it might cause someone to trip on the knowledge and thereby thwart discussion. That post was not a stumbling block, and so it came back. Resurrected from the trash heap where the other two published posts I’ve canned now reside. Yep, that’s right, I’ve only canned two published posts since I’ve been blogging, and I hope to keep it that way. Not making any promises, but that’s my intent.

Whatever I do, I want it clear that people are precious to me and should be listened to, and I've always considered it a privilege to listen. I think this is one reason I like Richard Armitage — despite being in a somewhat hedonistic profession, he appears to think people are precious as well and apparently likes to listen to them. I could be wrong about that, but I don't think so. My gut says I’m right. But of course I'm sure there are times when he thinks to himself or maybe even verbalizes, "Sheesh, will those people stop already. They're getting on my nerves." That would make him human. None of us are all patience and light 24/7. Do you know anyone like that? I don't know a soul, and I've known some pretty patient, understanding people.

I think that’s enough parenthetical statements for one day, and now I need to get back to the business at hand on this blog. :D

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  1. LOL, Frenz! I needed to read this today. I need to remember that life is good, even though an individual moment or two may SUCK BIG TIME!! Thanks. :) Glad to be human along with you (and RA!)

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