Richard has struck again

It seems our friend Todd Garner has been hit by the Armitage Effect. ;-)

What I want to know is whether Richard also subdues the Black Sky and Sarah Wayne Callies while he’s at it.

Aside: do you see how there is absolutely no need for Richard Armitage to be on Twitter? He’s put the whammy on all of us (I’m not complaining). Meanwhile, I would bet he’s dreaming somewhere.

Clever :D

Wait! a pic courtesy of Todd Garner. Thank you, Todd.



I really do think you’re clever, and Todd Garner is no slouch himself.

Looking forward to this movie.

One of your crazy fans

I can’t stand it. I had to blow it up:


I never had a teacher who looked like that. No dreamboats at my high school. Yeah, it was dull.

And yeah, I need a slap. It’s late where I am, and I’ll probably regret this post in the morning, but for now, damn! this is fun. Definitely beats the hell out of what I’ve been doing the last few months.


  1. Bless you my dear for blowing it up and thank you Todd for sharing it! I was *so* hoping someone would do that!! ;) Strange that such small images would have such a profound effect! :) We find him very “dreamy” indeed!!! *swoon*

  2. “Aside: do you see how there is absolutely no need for Richard Armitage to be on Twitter?” There is absolute truth in that. :D

  3. Weirdly, I was indulging in some ‘RA as teacher’ fantasies on another blog earlier today – and I had forgotten all about Gary.

    Thank you to Frenz for blowing up the shot and to Todd for saying what we all thought.

  4. I’m willing to bet that Richard was present when Todd tweeted that!

  5. Resistance is futile… none can stay close to RA without loving him! Men, dwarves, hobbit, wizards or elves they all love him ;-)

  6. How very observant !…Master of perception ;)
    Thank you for this ,Frenz :)

  7. If RA was a teacher, no school work would ever get done, because all the students would sit there drooling over him. ;)

  8. Frenz, I always giggle when Todd Garner makes sure he includes a @RAFrenzy in every Black Sky/Into the Storm tweet! You’re our RA tornado ambassador and I wouldn’t want it any other way :)

  9. You bet your lifesavers that Sarah Wayne got to make out with our Richard! Would any of us pass up that chance if we worked with him in a movie? H to the NO!!! As I understand it, she was cast first. I am sure she “helped” convince the casting director that Richard was the perfect actor for the role…unless she’s blind, of course, or has really bad taste – which I highly doubt. I can’t wait to see him play the hero, especially since he is playing a teacher, which is what I am. OOOF!!!

  10. Thanks for the tweet. I hope that we can soon see the movie in cinemas. :-)

  11. Thanks for the tweet. I hope that we can soon see the movie, in cinemas. :-)

  12. Is it the Armitage Effect or the fan Frenzy that has captivated Todd Garner? Whichever, it worked. Looking forward to more pokes and pulls from you.

  13. Great to hear from you.

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  15. You don’t need a slap, you need a rain machine…

  16. just love RA, no matter what, when or where. I am a victim, a willing one, of the Armitage Effect.

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