“…A Girl Who Reads”

I’m reblogging this from Reading, Writing, Ranting and Raving, but obviously I’m not using the the WP reblog function, which sucks. But enough about that. Go over and see what Kym Lucas, who runs the blog, has posted from the English poet, Mark Grist. Here, and just know there is some graphic language, but it’s still worth a listen.


  1. I can’t thank you enough for this one! Proud to be a girl who reads!

  2. What is not to like? A poet? I would probably not write arse etc. Prissy “posterior” or “behind”. But that’s just me. And btw, I read. Every spare moment. :D (Well, haven’t got around to Shades of Grey yet. Probably won’t. A “Bridge too Far”? Has it any merit beyond pandering? Just asking…. : )

  3. Don’t waste your time. It’s tosh.

  4. That’s just brilliant! I loved all bits! any reason you’re not using the reblog feature? Or you can’t tell that bit? ;)

  5. Louie, You’re welcome. :D

    Iz, it is just very crude in how it functions. No title, no tags. And I just don’t like how it looks.

  6. Hey, thanks so much for the re-blog of this post. Don’t you just love his poem?

  7. Clever poet ;)

  8. Very clever. Maybe he could move to the US and marry my daughter.

  9. We definitely need more who think like him! I’ve got two grown daughters!

    BTW, I sent you an email

  10. Got it! And thanks again for thinking of me.

  11. Funny thing. I’d seen and liked this before, but it was good to be reminded. My addition is “I like a man who reads.” Found out when I was dating that not reading was a deal-breaker.

  12. Not reading was definitely a deal breaker for me. I think I only dated one guy who was not a regular reader. Needless to say we didn’t date very long.

  13. Ditto that!

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