The Real Guy?

I certainly enjoy this look of Richard Armitage. What fans wouldn’t enjoy seeing this?

Richard Armitage the Russian
but I love him best like this:

"Yeah, I'm listening." Small smile and then thinking, "Damn how long is this going to take?"

“Yeah, I’m listening.” Small smile and then thinking, “Damn how long is this going to take?”

This screams guy. Screams it more than the top photo, which is a woman’s version of a guy. :D

At the end of the day, Richard Armitage is a guy, and I love that. I was thinking about all of the men I know, who incidentally most are guys, and it occurred to me that not one of them would enjoy this. Of course they would be respectful but itching to get out of there! Even SO, who is a bit of a modern man, would hate this. He would probably find the process intriguing to watch, but to sit through it himself? No way in hell.

This juxtaposition of guy (alpha) and sensitive man (beta) is what makes Richard Armitage fascinating. Men who have a good balance of these are the most fascinating. Too much of one of these is boring (I think but I’m not sure that I’ve said this before. Wait. Yeah, here a long time ago. Like three years ago. Sheesh.) SO, my dad, SO’s dad and many other men I admire and respect have this balance. They are sensitive, kind and gentlemanly, love good art and music and books, but there’s no doubt they are (or were, in the case of my father who’s passed away) guys who draw the line at looking forward to something like this above. Nope, not happenin’.


I feel your pain in this last photo. Not that you would care, but the godawful jacket and pants were enough to make me pained. No, no, I didn’t really say that. You just imagined it. You look good in anything.

Okay, seriousness, sort of. I could be so wrong about you, and I do believe pictures don’t always convey the truth, but my gut is telling me that you just endure this stuff. I’ve thought that for a long time. Maybe I need to think that ’cause if you really liked this fou fou stuff, then well, you aren’t my kind of guy. :D

Take care and may you not see a photoshoot for a good long while. Probably not going to happen, but I can wish it anyway,
One of your crazy fans


  1. I am guessing the second pic is the one from that latest photo shoot as it isn’t showing up on my end. I thought to myself that secretly he was thinking, “Where do they come up with these bloody awful things for me to wear?! Oh, well, all in a day’s work . . .” He’s such a good sport, that one. A great guy.

  2. Yay! You found hub’s missing bathrobe?! :D But the poofy hair is great with the curly nape hair!

    Reminds me of a pic of my SO in college. He was chosen for the Who’s Who layout in the yearbook and posed him wearing cords and bulky sweater, lying in the middle of fall leaves pretending to read a book. Makes him ill every time he sees it. I however, think it’s enormously sexy… :D

  3. like you, I think RA would have chosen a different type of clothes. I’ve seen his style, and this is not it. but, there is hope for the future. I love him.

  4. I wish I was wrapped around him like those coats! :)

  5. You have described Richard’s last look very well indeed…I still can’t believe he did not split his pants sitting down with how extremely tight they look on him. I rather love this new look for Richard, it terms of the clean shaven longer hair…it makes him look younger and so different from Thorin, which is really what I think he is trying to convey…oh and did I mention sexy…yes, definitely sexy.

  6. As I commented on another forum: It looks like they dressed him so he could try herding sheep in NYC. Or something.

  7. Beautifully written and logical reasoning. Poor guy.

  8. You know, I always think they put him in clothes that look so hot…and by that I mean warm. He must be burning up under the hot lights of a photo shoot. (Of course, as a menopausal woman, I think about being hot all the time!) Anyway, then it reminded me of that interview with Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman when he was asked about how it felt to be a hot dwarf. He went into an explanation about how they had inserted ice packs under their clothes to cool them down. Andy Serkis said, ” Not that kind of hot!” Richard replied, ” I know….” and hung his head smiling. Okay I went a little off track there, but you get my drift!

  9. When I first saw that second picture I thought, “Who picked that awful outfit…Poor Richard!” He’s such a good sport! And then I noticed that lovely hair!!! I’m itching to get my hands in there!

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