The Reality of Richard Armitage

The Hobbit event today will give another wave of adoring fans the chance to see Richard Armitage in the flesh for the first time, and I eagerly await their reactions. I always eagerly await a fan’s reaction to seeing Richard for the first time, because no matter the thought of him, the reality is different. Certainly, this is the case with most celebrities, and usually, it means they are not quite as dazzling in real life. They are just people after all.

This is not the case with Richard Armitage. Oh sure, he’s a person with foibles like the rest of us, but also does have that curious blend of grace and brawn we all love as well as a gracious demeanor and gorgeous eyes. And before I was actually confronted with him at no more than a foot away, I was wondering how much of that could be attributed to camera angles, editing of film clips, etc. I’m a skeptic by nature borne out of my many experiences meeting the famous as a child and young adult. Those experiences were never fan driven but rather as a result of my father’s occupation. I have no idea how many celebrities, whether sports heroes or dignitaries or Hollywood types, that I’ve met. It wasn’t unusual for my parents to have the famous at our dinner table, and so I had plenty of time to observe these people in a more natural setting, which taught me very quickly not to be dazzled. People are people, and I still believe that.

But all of the wonderful assets of Richard Armitage are not only present, they may be present exponentially and especially his kindness. I don’t think someone can fake the kindness he exudes. It is palpable, but not an obsequious sort of kindness that seeks to send the tacit message, “Look at how kind I’m being to you.” It’s more a confident, comfortable in his skin kindness that says, “I like people. I like you, and this is a pleasant interlude.” In fact, his serene demeanor is stunning. He is an unflappable individual. Certainly he has his moments of temper out of control, but for the most part, I get the impression he’s a happy individual. Either that or he was on drugs when I saw him. :D

If I had to pick a character whom he most resembles in look and actions, it would be Monet.


And the most shocking thing about seeing him in person? His nose is not prominent. It just looks like a man’s nose and not the distracting proboscis the photos often convey. His nose is beautiful, and he is beautiful, and I rarely use a word like that to describe an individual much less a man.


  1. I’ve always suspected as much but it’s wonderful to hear it from someone else who actually knows. Thank you! I love and respect Richard and it means much to me that he is as kind as he always appears to be. You’ve made my day with this post! :)

  2. It’s almost overwhelming how beautiful he is in person. Have a great time tonight! I’ll be waving … from a couple hundred miles away. ;)

  3. interesting that you picked Monet to describe Richard because that character doesn’t get talked about nearly as often as he should. I thought he was striking as Monet, so I’m liking the comparison very much :)

  4. Definitely Monet. :) Or Harry K. The only role in which he appeared to be playing himself? Leaving the comedy to lovely Dawn? Re-acting, with charm…,

  5. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson. It was necessary for me to look up the definition of four words while I read this (why I don’t leave very many comments on their blogs).

  6. Surely Richard is worth a few $3 words? Or do I need to go back to comedy? :D

  7. He’s worth a paragraph full of foot-long words. I love words. I just have few in my store. :/

  8. It’s funny – I’ve always got the impression that whilst he is incredibly kind, conscious of and grateful for his good fortune and for the support of his fans, that he’s never been comfortable in the public eye and would prefer to be anywhere but. He handles it with huge grace and consummate professionalism but that a ski-slope or a quiet space and a good book might be so much better. But equally, I may be seeing things that just aren’t there…

  9. much less a nose! you make me smile and to say that on a Monday is really something. Cheers!

  10. Having seen him in person, I agree with you Prue. He was exquisitly well mannered and gentle but I would never have said he was comfortable.

  11. Yes, I would say more like Monet too but with a bit a Harry K thrown in (btw, that’s my fave pic of Richard as Monet). A friend (another RA fan) and I had the good fortune of bumping into him on his own on the street for the first time many years ago. Our first reaction? – totally awe-struck!!! We could not believe after so many years of thinking and talking about him since we first saw him in N&S, we got to meet him on the street! I plucked up the courage to approach him first (my friend, bless her, was rooted to the spot for several seconds). Thankfully, he didn’t mind us approaching him and before long, we were chatting away & feeling very much at ease. We even talked about the weather! My friend later said to him ‘I can’t believe I’ve finally met you, Richard!’ and he replied ‘Serendipity’. I remember thinking at the time what a romantic he is. Now, whenever I hear him say the word ‘Serendipity’ in interviews, it brings a smile to my face.

  12. What a lovely story Lena. I will now always think of RA when I hear the word Serendipity too.

  13. […] The Reality of Richard Armitage […]

  14. I actually had the chance to meet him and was sadly met with disappointment because of my own actions, not necessarily his. I asked him for a hug, being so excited to meet him, and my silly request was met with discomfort and dismissal. I suppose it was very rude of me to ask. I’m still very embarrassed about the whole situation and wish I could go back and apologize for my actions.

  15. Anonymous- I’m so sorry to hear that your meeting with RA led to embarrassment but try not to be hard on yourself about it. We all do things we regret sometimes. You didn’t intend to hurt or offend anyone and, honestly, I can certainly empathise with getting over excited and losing it a bit now and then!

    I hope it hasn’t detracted from your enjoyment too much.

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