The Hazards of Stirred Not Shaken

Dear Richard,

Last night when I read your interview in NY Moves, I have to admit I began working on the Thorin Cocktail between paragraphs. This may be why I got confused at times about whose words I was reading. Sometimes it even seemed like you were talking to yourself.
freudian-slip-7 By the time I got to “baited breath,” I burst out laughing. But even in my inebriated state, I recognized a Freudian slip, and since it’s a fashion blog, it made sense.

I woke up this morning sober and read the piece again. And this is a very good thing as I have now rushed to the liquor cabinet to resume my experiments. Man, you don’t want me clear headed and sane. If I ever get that way, it won’t be fun, and especially given my background of being brought up at the knee of lawyers and statesmen and (horrors) political science professors. I’m better as a drunk. :D

Oh hell, pass me that vermouth

P.S. Maybe it’s just the booze talking, but I think I might be able to make it as a New York fashion editor — even while I’m drunk. Damn! Why didn’t I think of that sooner!

edit: to those on Pinterest, another site has graciously shared direct information from the powers that be at NY Moves who have made it plain that no images by themselves, i.e., without the feature article being present, can be used, so I’ve taken down any that were from the NY Moves photo shoot.


  1. If you and I are the only entrants into this thing I’m going to be highly disappointed in this fandom. Great post, Frenz! :)

  2. I don’t think it’s a fashion blog. It says it’s ‘a lifestyle magazine for city women (and men), unafraid to ask hard questions. We take on social, political, and global topics ….. Written with a progressive vibe, the magazine offers a provocative, often polemic view of society; an askance look at the world we live in.’
    There are apparently paper editions with a longer version of the article which are for sale, and I’m really hoping to see one.

  3. Well, there you go. Maybe I should stop drinking. LOL!

  4. Oops, that was not quite to the point. I meant to add that although they’re supposed to have a food and drink section, it’s practically non-existent, so we’ll be getting no cocktail tips from them.

  5. What?!! The swine! :D

  6. I mean the wine! :D

  7. I regret to say that I have no real ideas yet for a Thorin cocktail, but I have come up with several for something I call ‘Dragon’s Fire’.

  8. I have never in my life pictured Thorin with a cocktail, because to me “cocktail” means swizzle sticks, which means it either has olives and is consumed by business men in suits, or pineapple chunks and is for the speedo and bikini set, poolside.

    Thorin in a speedo is something none of us needs to see.

    Dwarves drink beer. Stout.

  9. I think they’d drink Jagermeister.

    Or is that orcs? ;-) :-D

  10. I agree with Stacie. Something tall, dark and smooth.

  11. […] to the Thorin cocktail challenge at RAFrenzy and FunkyBlueDandelion. To me, just the thought of being asked to create a cocktail makes me want […]

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