Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Like Sarah Dunn instead for being so amenable to giving us photos of our guy.

Richard Armitage 2013

Click the photo to reach her Facebook page.


  1. Again, what would I do without you to keep me informed. Thank you!

    And what great pictures!

  2. I would pay good money — more than once — to see Richard in a black and white movie. There’s something very compelling about that man in a sharp suit in black and white.

  3. Sorry, but I let her know that I’m done helping to promote her page. She promised she’d release new pictures and that one is not new. In fact, it was one of the very first ones we saw online. Since I don’t like to be played, that’s it for me!

  4. In fairness to Sara Dunne, the last photo she released we saw because it was published in a foreign magazine ( Indonesia, maybe?).. She didn’t publish it, and by her publishing it as she has, she’s more or less given tacit OK for us to use it. I concede she’s used our desire to have new pictures as a marketing tool, but I’m looking to the future. You can see from her portfolio that she does a lot of magazine work, and it’s likely that if she gets another shot ( or shots) at Richard Armitage, she will play along with us again.

  5. […] Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful […]

  6. It isn’t exactly the same pic. Eyes look more towards center than in Total Film magazine. And the b/w one isn’t photoshopped while the colored one is (forehead). You can see wrinkles at his eyebrows. These are clearly two consecutive shots, in TFI RA is looking low right corner, in b/w shot RA moved his eyes to watch almost straight in front of him, the left eye a bit much open.

  7. All that is moot in my case because I am not allowed to contact her again. I’ll just enjoy whatever pictures any of you post. Thank you.

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