Some of You Asked

I didn’t publish a post for Christmas, and a few of you have asked me about that. It’s not that I’m less aware of the Lord at Christmas. If anything, I’m more aware, and somehow putting up a message in this place seems awkward, seems disingenuous given my rhetoric which to me makes things plain but to others may be construed as rotten. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it doesn’t matter, and it’s possible to be very candid and still convey my heart for others as a follower of Christ. Make that flawed follower of Christ. Then again, the verse that keeps beating in my head is, “…whatever is not from faith is sin.” I hope that explains it.


  1. What would be the point of Christ if He had follower that aren’t flawed?

  2. *followers*

  3. Yep. There was a time I thought I could become perfect on my own if everyone would just get the hell out of the way. I crashed and burned, and as I as crashing and burning, I was mad. I was mad at the world for messing me around. How dare they?! God let me learn a hard lesson in humility, That was almost 20 years ago, and I pray every day not to forget and go down that road again.

  4. Blog messages aren’t exactly important in the grand scheme of things. Hope you had a great Christmas, and all the best wishes for the new year. :) In case I’ve already said that to you, well, have it again! ‘Tis the season of giving, after all. ;)

  5. Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas. I wish you every blessing for this New Year we have entered.

    PS Be sure to email me as the books have arrived!

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