Who Needs a Valentine…

Valentine’s Day happened, and I had the response I usually do which is no response. But the first year I was married, I became self-conscious about not celebrating Valentine’s. That was before I learned SO refused to be put in a box. Originally I thought it was a cop out on his part as most guys don’t like Valentine’s. But it turned out he was more romantic than I was.

And along the way I’ve figured out I’m not really sure how this love thing is to be done. I just know how SO and I have done it, and I’m satisfied with it. I’m satisfied with this man who has been charming, funny, witty and kind, and also gotten me out of my doldrums and self-centeredness on so many occasions. If he had not done that, I know I would have missed out on so many good times. Like the times afforded by his company who would give him a new car every couple of years, and he got to select it, and conservative me never would have picked this car, but SO did:


and off we went down the highways and byways and always with a song to begin. This one:

The first time he put on that song, I rolled my eyes. He laughed and said, “Lighten up!” I did and quickly realized that song has the ability to put me in a mood which shouts, “Anything good can happen today!”

He followed that song with this one below, and while it was playing, he would usually look over at me and grin, which was actually a leer, and I would receive his message.

As I got into what we were doing, I began to have my favorites for the road. First was this:

And this:

SO also had his favorites:

And this one which is pretty much an anthem for SO:

Oh, yeah, and:

Before we knew it, we were up to three 90 minute tapes. We wore those tapes out going to San Francisco for July 4th, Washington D.C. for New Year’s, Florida for President’s Day, and many other trips. Some during holidays and some not. The best ones were spontaneous. We would have a few days off, get in the car, just start driving, and see where it took us. One time we ended up near Canada but didn’t have time to go across the border. We did that another time. And that may not sound like much, but we lived in Texas at the time.

SO went on to pick some other really cool vehicles while he worked for that company, and I have fond memories of all of them but mostly of him sitting in them.

Today I was remembering these things as I’ve done so many times, and I asked myself, “Who needs a Valentine when you have all of this?” I surely don’t and have not missed it.

No Richard Armitage segue other than to say:


I hope you can find someone whom you can live, laugh and love with. It is sweet.

A Crazy Fan who’s not that crazy about Valentine’s

I made a playlist of some of our road songs. They’re in no particular order but the first two, and it’s certainly not all of them. SO reminded me of a few I had forgotten. But I was too lazy to add them and leave you with a sampling indicative of our tastes.

edit: this post is in no way a commentary on the Valentine’s love being spread amongst fans. I think that’s great! :) This post is a response to myself. I’ve bitched about so much in life that I wanted to bask in something I should be ridiculously grateful for.


  1. You have the love thing down perfectly. Through good times and bad times (lots of bad times because God didn’t promise us all good times) you’re going through it together. My best wishes to you always.

  2. I loved the Valentine I got from my RA fan. I loved that Orcrist remembered to stop at the grocery store and pick up some flowers to my mom at the nursing home. We love each other every day. Like you, we don’t need a special day. Love the songs!!!

  3. You are so right – it’s an everyday thing, Frenz. So true. We have 38 years to our credit, OH and I. His biggest gift of love to me is the ability to make me laugh! Mine back to him is just to love with no expectation. I can’t imagine my life without him…

  4. Thank you for this beautiful post. The two of you are blessed to have each other. I hope you have many more years of road trips, music, and making each other laugh.

  5. Thanks, purplepk, I really appreciate that!

    Arkenstone, The RA valentines are a great gesture and I really appreciate seeing them even if I was too late to participate.

    Prue, I cannot even imagine being married to someone who didn’t make me laugh. What a blessing we have both had in our husbands. And how blessed is your husband not to have unrealistic expectations placed on him. That’s how you make it to 38 years. :D We have 7 something to get there ourselves.

    Mujertropical, Thank you for the kind words. I want to say again I don’t think I really appreciated what I’ve had — until it was almost gone. Thankfully, these last few years have done a number on my head, and I hope it stays a good number.

    BTW, except for the YT playlist, I wrote that piece the second year of this blog and obviously it is no less true today.

  6. Thank you for re-introducing me to Dire Straits whom I haven’t thought about in decades. Am heading over to iTunes now….

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