Music to My Ears or Twill Be

More voice work for Richard Armitage. Oh, I can barely wait for this:

Consider it done, my friend, consider it done.


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  2. *happy dance* :D

  3. I might have to become a Shakespeare person after all. :)

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  5. I swore off Shakespeare after my high school Sr. Year. Sorry. No can do. A promise is a promise. *blink blink*

  6. I thought it was going to be a stage play when I glanced at this….phew lol! I can’t afford a NYC (or where ever) trip right now haha! But hopefully I can afford this :D

  7. I just bought the Kindle of Macbeth AND got the whispersync Audiobook- ALAN CUMMING does Macbeth – so Richard Armitage is in great company. Will tell you all how it was tomorrow.

  8. I just bought it too. Sounds great so far. Can’t wait for Richard Armitage’s version.

  9. Yes. It will be sooo well received. Going to listen now. Audio books are a guilty pleasure of mine. I am always plugged in.

  10. Alan’s narration of Macbeth made me cry…like, sobbing crying that I had to stop the car. Only time an audiobook made me that emotional. Richard’s definitely in good company! Hmmm, they both live in NYC, too, so they should really hang out!

  11. I was not a huge audio fan until a few years ago, but I’m hooked now.

  12. I swore off Hamlet after school and university, and while I think he’ll do a stunning job, I would have preferred more Cornwell or Heyer or even other of the Sahakespeare’s!

  13. I’m so excited….not a big Shakespeare fan…but to just listen to his voice….wow :)

  14. This is great news, something new to listen to as I cook Sunday dinner. I wonder how the rest of the family will take it.

  15. That is great and could he also please do some more audio and do all the books for Bernard Cornwell ‘s Saxons series. He did Lords of the North but wouldn’t it be great to have him on all of them?

  16. As Shakespeare wrote, I’m waiting “with bated breath” for this one! I’m quite an audio fan already but this will put me over the top! *So* excited at this piece of news! I just know he’ll be fantastic. I love the way he is described as “the incomparable Richard Armitage.” :)

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    More Richard to listen to! The long drive to see Mom will be getting a new soundtrack. :)

  18. Whoa, brilliant news. Thanks for passing that on.

  19. What a great way to educate his supporters! I have just received my copy of Vintage Proust – Swann’s Way, and cannot wait to get started on it.

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