We’re About to Get an Education

Bernie Hare is on a mission, and I am more than willing to go along with where he leads. I have spent the last 16 years of my life trying to give something back, and if I can improve that ability by observing the Shed Crew’s world, I will do it happily.

The recent state of affairs (could be 2005 or later):

The present situation with this group has probably not changed much hence the reason for the movie. Hare wants to get the word out even more than the book was able to facilitate, and I embrace what he’s doing heartily. Yep, I already said it again but I feel compelled to say it again. There is nothing more heartbreaking than to watch people, kids in particular, go off the cliff, and you know it doesn’t have to be that way. You want to try almost anything to keep it from happening.

Thank you, Mr. Hare for what you are doing.


  1. This was 2005. It will be interesting to see if we get an update on their lives when the film is promoted.

  2. I put a date on it, but I still think this is very similar to the current state of affairs and why Bernard Hare is pursuing this movie.

  3. If there is any fall-out on the children’s lives, let us hope it will be discreet. Without exploitation of the kids themselves. Or of the young actors portrayed. It’s always a VERY fine line. I hope Urban and his friends/allies will be accorded anonymity until they reach a maturity to deal with publicity.

  4. Bravo Mr. Hare !!

  5. Mr. Amitage, from his Anglophile Channel interview (referring to social networking), said, “My worry is that I might…start being political…” The general theme of this movie seems to make a very political statement in a way that may influence a broad audience. As a result, hopefully, the powers that be will be moved to make an even greater effort to relieve the poverty stricken, neglected, abused children of the world.

    In November of 2013, I met an eleven year old boy, Minor, in a barrio of Nicaragu who was the “man” of his house. His mother goes (where, I do not know and I do not judge her for whatever she has to do to feed her babies) every day to find work so her family of five can eat and have shelter (such as it is). Minor stays home to care for his younger siblings, the youngest less than two years old. In my opinion, Minor is a prince! He is nearing the age when he will be pressured to perform the unspeakable acts expected from boys as a rite of passage. I don’t think Minor can read or write and I’m pretty sure there is no hope for him to ever go to school. I fear for him and what his future holds

    Some may wonder why I would invest myself into one of the many thousands of people living in the same circumstances and situations. My answer to that quandary would be – we MUST start somewhere. The “powers that be,” to which I referred, are you and I. We have it in our ability and abundance to pour into the lives of those who are dangling on the edge.

    I firmly believe that, when we stand before the Judge on that Day, we will give an account for how we used this overflow in our lives. My life will be scrutinized about whether I fed the hungry, visited the sick, gave water to the thirsty or was hospitable to the stranger. May none of us be found lacking in the things that have eternal value.

    I commend Mr. Armitage for chosing a role that will shed light on the lonely and forgotten.

  6. I’m approving this without reading it. I do not want to read anything from the interview until I watch it! :)

  7. My comment doesn’t contain spoilers about the interview (just so you know). :D

  8. If it speaks you’re giving me your impression based on something in the interview, it’s a spoiler and what I’m trying to avoid until I’m ready. :D

    I’m running through my next article and the interview afterward, and then I’ll be able to read posts and comments again.

  9. Kitty, a bit familiar with your family’s work. I think you do so much at the grass roots level. (And having lived a short time in Indonesia) I endorse grass roots – not big perk-laden govt. efforts nor entirely some well-meaning NGOs. NOT all NGOs. It is a matter of individual work/contribution, do you think? Education/learning for the “field” workers who gain so much learning from listening from the people to the cultural imperatives as well as to the needs. Not expressing this well.

  10. KItty,

    My next post will hopefully begin to shed light on why I don’t think it matters that this may be a politically bent film. And I’m sure i’ll be posting more on the topic in future.

    As to investing in people who can make a difference, for about 10 years SO and I have supported two filmmakers who started in Africa to cover the plight of children on the streets. From there they moved into taking children off the streets, and eventually began helping their mothers, who were primarily prostitutes (as I’m sure was part of your veiled reference earlier) to become business people by helping them start micro businesses. It’s been a fascinating process to watch and be part of. I’m not going to put up a link, but if you want any information, I’ll be happy to send to you. The younger of the two filmmakers I have known since he was a kid. He was not supposed to live very long as he was born with all sorts of problems, and yet, now he’s 30 years old and going strong and making a difference. He does sometimes get involved with things that look more political than I’m comfortable with, but I’ve learned that it’s all running together, or converging, if you will.

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