DI’m skipping D. Deal with it. :D

Instead I read youmuttonmeeecrazy, and the latest post made me howl. I almost wet my pants laughing at how fitting it is.

E is coming later today.

edit: Wait! I have a late D entry. Go here, and after you watch the video (or watch it again), come back and please tell me what the hell ‘devotation’ is?


  1. I can’t understand any part of that segment. :-D What do the Irish wolfhounds have to do with Tolkien or the movies?

  2. It was something to say?

  3. That’s all I can figure. (BTW am I doing emoticons wrong now? They are not showing up)

  4. You’re doing emoticons correctly. I disabled the function that renders them into pictures the first few days of this blog’s existence, so they have never been shown as pictures here.

  5. devotation is just a different word for devotion, though his pronunciation was a bit tongue-tied! *laughs*

  6. Not in the regular dictionary it’s not, kel ;-)

    (Didn’t notice about emoticons before now. It’s sad when the brain starts to go).

  7. It’s in the same dictionary with orientate. ;-)

  8. And obfusticate.

  9. Isn’t that German? ;-)

  10. I didn’t look in the dictionary, I know it as a religious word.

  11. In seriousness, it may well be a word that I’ve just never heard. I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard it and think of it like orientate, which is not a word but many think it is.

    Now I’m sounding like a right shit.

  12. Ummm … Merriam-Webster disagrees: orientate is a word (but probably doesn’t mean what people think it means when they use it?).


    Sorry. :-P

  13. Merriam Webster finally caved into the misuse of it, which is not uncommon. I still cringe when I hear it.

  14. The original word is orient.

  15. It’s a funny thing: If enough people use the wrong word it becomes right. *sigh*

    Btw, I like your blog. :-)

  16. Argh. … it becomes a right word? *grmbl*

  17. Yeah, that’s usually how it happens. I guess I’m being curmudgeon about this one.

    Thank you! Stick around for when I’m not in a mood. :D

  18. I knew what you meant!

  19. If it makes you feel better: It happens in other languages, too. *gg*

  20. why do we only believe a word is “real” if it’s in the (though there are many) dictionary? it’s not like the dictionary was handed down from upon high fully formed, and now every new addition is an interloper. many of the words we know as always having been real were “new”, once upon a time. it irritates me that so much slang is finding it’s way into the dictionary, so I understand the frustration, but when a word is spoken or written in a context that conveys a specific meaning, it becomes “real”, IMO.

  21. Maybe I shouldn’t be so rankled about orientate, but sometimes I feel the keepers of words, whoever they are, just cave into ignorance. But then I wonder if it’s not snobbery to hang onto a word that obviously a critical mass of people just don’t understand. It’s a dilemna. ;-)

  22. For me the dictionary has been such an arbiter of correct usage of words instead of slang which is colloquial and prone to misunderstanding, that it’s hard to just drop it as the definitive.

    And to take the bark off the tree and reveal my awful snobbery about orientate, anytime I hear someone use it in place of orient, my reaction for a fleeting moment is to think their education is wanting.Do I get over that? Oh yeah, it’s stupid to let something like that trip me up with people, but for a moment it can.

  23. your feelings are understandable Frenz, and I’m sure many share them. I try not to not get too distracted by what is “correct” and focus instead on what is actually being said, probably due to my upbringing (rural areas often have their own languages!). this conversation reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit though, what is “real”? :)

  24. You have a point. Do you think Jerry Clower used orientate? :D

  25. I doubt it, “orientate” sounds way too fancy! now I’m reminded of “A Christmas Story” when the dad thinks the crate says fra-gee-lay :)

  26. You’re probably right about Jerry. And I love A Christmas Story. I’ll have to post about my favorite scene sometime. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, I still belly laugh.

  27. What an awful snob! *gg*

    I think, people who love to write usually try to write as good as possible and with more writing and reading comes a better understanding of how to use words and phrases correctly.

    What does your neighbour usually write? Her shopping list? A birthday greeting?

    It’s so easy to feel smart when you spot the mistakes of others. It’s probably very very human. ;-)

    Well, it’s no big problem as long as you remember to think twice.

    Ah, I’m too slow.
    Well, bye for now and have a good time. :-)

  28. I hope I always think twice! :D Thanks. :)

  29. your neighbor may have a famous pseudonym, you never know ;)

  30. and my fav scene in ACS is when he beats up the bully, though the “fudge” scene is a close second :D

  31. I make no apologies for snobbery. If it ain’t in the OED, it don’t count.

  32. RA, thanks so much for the support. I’m away for the weekend and had to update over the phone. For some grating reason I can’t moderate or reply to my wordpress posts. Maybe the app isn’t refined enough, maybe I’m confused. Anyway, will be getting back to you and checking out your stuff soon. Cheers!

  33. You are welcome. But please don’t feel obligated about this place. It’s where I unleash my crazy fangirl and probably not to your taste on most days. I just wanted you to know I like your writing. Keep it up.

    And if you need some help with wordpress, I am happy to help you and can probably answer almost any question you have. Cheers!

  34. Oops! I use “orientate” a lot, maybe because we used it a lot growing up. It originally came from the Latin word “oriens” meaning “to rise” or “the sun” – more like aligning yourself with the rising sun of sorts. Or like with a compass almost. We use it a lot in Asia. But then we use a lot of words in Asia that not much of the Western countries use – though an example escapes me at the moment.

  35. “Orientate” is used in the UK. It is, indeed, legit. And so is “aluminium”. :)

  36. Devotation:You go vote.Then you go home and wish you could go back and devotation because you changed your mind…..

  37. Chris, Classic! :D

    pi, It’s legit lots of places. I’m still not going to use it. LOL!

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