A Hole in the Ground

How is it that a person who a little more than a year ago was holding a LEGO in his hands…


…is now the lead in a history play which is a veiled reference to the hysteria in America during the 50s? Ahh yes, I get it. Ask and ye shall receive. I said Daniel Day-Lewis one too many times. ;-)

Daniel Day-Lewis in The Cruible

Go ahead and click on that photo. You get to see a pretty good “love” scene and back when people still knew the name Winona Ryder. Whatever happened to her anyway? Yeah, I know she had sticky fingers, but what happened to her after that? No, don’t answer. It will just take us off of this serious topic. Other than that, DAMN! that Daniel was hot. He’s still hot in my opinion.

Wait! I just realized there will be no screencaps like this from Richard Armitage’s performance at The Old Vic. Help! I’m already starting to have withdrawal!

Seriously, I understand this move. It is how a person washes the taste of Hobbits out of his psyche.

And that’s my H entry for this April challenge thingy.


  1. I see “whatsonstage” have reported he is in “final talks” so not confirmed yet. I am looking forward to seeing him in this role in such a prestigious theatre.

  2. Yesssssss !!!

  3. Why would you want to wash the taste of Hobbits out of your psyche? This presumes that RA shares the tastes of a few of his fans, and has been lying every time he talks about his long history with Tolkien.

  4. You’re taking this way too seriously, Cill. :D

  5. Winona still looks good. Played Spock’s mom in one of the recent Star Trek movies.

  6. It is true, you have referenced DDL so many times. The thought that there will be something this good and we won’t see it is driving me mad. I guess he can keep his current hair for this. What a turnaround in just a few months. I’m thinking of your recent post, the name of which escapes me.

  7. @Frenz: I’m known for my crankiness/cantakerousness/curmudgeonliness (now *there’s* a word to look up in the OED) ;-)

  8. Reblogged this on Armitage Agonistes and commented:
    Frenz comments on the good news and gives us a link to the trailer. I can see it – I can see it in my mind’s eye. Comments there, please.

  9. @kack: How could I have forgotten Winona as Amanda Grayson? I have to go turn in my ST:OS uniform right now.

  10. @Cill I’m pretty sure it’s curmudgeonocity

  11. LOL!! Print that one!

    Now I really have to go out the door to this awful thing and advice duly noted. Got my phone with audio books on it! :D

  12. Oxford dictionaries say ‘curmudgeonliness’ http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/curmudgeon#curmudgeon
    but this isn’t the real OED so the jury is out.
    I can’t find ‘curmudgeonocity’ at all, but it does sound like a good location for my hometown.

  13. Any chance BBC America might record a performance for broadcast later?? It would be worth agitating for :)

  14. SH I know the National Theatre live feed into Cinemas all over the world, they did this with War Horse and more recently King Lear with Simon Russell Beale in the lead role. I wonder if the Old Vic do the same? Kevin Spacey as you know is the director so might be worth asking him.

  15. Maisie – that is a great thought! When this is 100% confirmed, maybe some of us stateside can put out feelers on that.

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