Prequel? Are You Insane?!

One more post before I breakout additional WonderCon photos, which you may be sick of looking at, but I’m not yet.

I’m chuckling at the wealth of commentary I could and probably will make on the last few blog pieces of Servetus. She raises very interesting points as per usual and one in particular I cannot pass up! But for now, this post is in response to the video clip of one of Richard Armitage’s interviews at WonderCon:

I hope you watched that video. There doesn’t seem to be anything snarky in it. He seems serious.

And before I could even form a reaction to that realization, YouTube did it for me:

FireShot Screen Capture #326 - 'Are Hobbit Spin-Offs Possible - Richard Armitage Interview - Won - YouTube' -

These are actual suggestions on the sidebar of that video. Okay, yeah, so it doesn’t say much for my YouTube watching, but I thought “Kicked in the head by a train” was apropos as a reaction to the idea of a prequel. Or are you so in the bag for Thorin that you don’t see it that way? More Thorin is good huh? No, let me rephrase that. Even more Thorin is good huh?

If Richard Armitage or someone who really gets him writes a prequel, then yeah, I’d love it. Otherwise, I’m afraid it would be more of the fare primarily geared for fanboys.

So I guess those additional Hobbit titles floated over at TORn may have been serious as well. ;-)

In light of this latest development, I’ve got a title for the prequels — The Hobbit: Land Before Smaug Part (insert #).


  1. Richard Armitage has written a serious amount of Thorin fanfiction if there can be one or more movies from it. Where do I buy my ticket? Will Andy Serkis or Peter Jackson direct? Who are they casting as Frerin? Is this the project Richard wants to produce? Will Thorin be attacked by a Peruvian jellyfish at the Casa Matusita? Inquiring minds need to know!

  2. The mind wobbles, as Kelly Bundy used to say. ;)

  3. Prepare for another flash back in Hobbit 3. Other hobbit prequels highly unlikely. In anticipation of His Hobbit Memoirs, Thorin Oakenshield’s Travel Companions and a Journey Into Middle Earth, Lost In Mirkwood lies under a matrass..

  4. I watched the Peruvian jellyfish video.

  5. OK, this is just eerie. As I watched the first Hobbit movie, I thought how nice it would’ve been to have know Thorin’s pop…and mom, for that matter. Thror Knows Best. Life with the Oakenshields. Little Castle on the Mountain. Raising Thorin. Somebody slap me. Off to watch the jellyfish..

  6. Shouldn’t that be “Little Castle *IN* the Mountain”? :-D
    I like all those titles, @The Queen. Maybe I can come up with more. How about “Middle Earth Family”, “Leave it to Fili”, “Durin’s Mountain”, “Fresh Prince of Erebor”, “That’s So Thrain”?

  7. I just thought of another one: ‘The Arkenstones’, whichwould have a theme song that contained the lyrics ‘they’re a modern Third Age family’.

  8. “Fresh Prince of Erebor” “Thror Knows Best” – hahahahahahaha!! Love it! You guys are so clever….My faves from the TORn page, “Beorn Ultimatum” and “Desolate Harder” – there can be no “bad” homage to Die Hard / John M / Bruce.

  9. I have just realized that ‘That’s so Thrain’ would be equally accurate if the original name of the inspirational show was used: ‘That’s so Raven’.

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