And Now Meg’s Take on The Crucible

The Old Vic by Meg Siobhan

Guest post by Meg Siobhan:

So, this evening (well, last night as I’m writing this on the last train home, surrounded by many a loud drunk…) I went to see The Crucible, with our favourite tall, dark and handsome chap, Richard Armitage.

This was my first time seeing anything at The Old Vic Theatre, so I was very excited – even more excited to be seeing Richard, in theatre, the evening before my birthday.

So when my dad and I got there, we collected the tickets, made our way to the floor, and the door we needed to go in, in order to be seated.

Supposedly the set design meant that the seats we were originally going to have would have decreased in value and have restricted view. The seats we got in place of these were still great, in the main dress circle. From where we were sat, our original seats didn’t look affected at all, so don’t know what was going on there…

Anyway, on to the play.

Now, I’m a sucker for good lighting, and I felt this show had absolutely beautiful lighting. Its simplicity was what made it so striking.

I won’t divulge major details about the play if you are yet to see it, but if you’ve been on social networks, you will know that Richard is shirtless for part of a scene. Yes, I was swooning.

It was beautifully staged, and the entire cast was fantastic.

There was one moment I loved in the encore when we were all applauding. They came out once, and bowed – vanished and returned, as per any usual encore. But the second time, Richard let everyone else leave the stage, and as they did, he just smiled to the entire audience, taking in the applause.

I think he was happy with how this opening night went, just like many of us who absolutely adored it. It was good to see this side of him!

If I could, I would give them all a big splat on the back for a job well done.

I think, a brilliant return to the theatre for Richard and I would happily watch the play many times.

You can find Meg at Twitter, Instagram and her blog.

Photo Courtesy of Meg Siobhan

[edit: Meg gives a fuller account at her blog]


  1. […] first link to a post about experiencing the play on RAFrenzy.  Meg tells us about the curtain call. Comments there, […]

  2. Thank you so much, Meg, sounds as if it was truly a magical night at the theatre. I am so happy that the first night preview went so very well– and I believe the production will only get better as time passes.
    Love that description of Richard smiling at the audience. What a lovely man he is, inside and out. Thanks again! :D
    (I am a sucker for good lighting, too.)

  3. Thank you, Meg! Thank you Frenzy for posting!

  4. Thank you or sharing with us Meg, lovely review of your evening, what a wonderful opening preview night for RA. Thank you Frenz.

  5. How fun!! Do you mind if we live thru you?!!! So…what did you wear? What did your dad think? Can you describe the lighting? Wonder if I can get a seat on the next London-bound plane?


  6. I’m wondering if the cast wore modern clothes or period clothes. We have sort of received mixed messages before the production began.

  7. Ms Mel, there was a photo taken by an audience member of some of the cast during the ovation and they were in period dress . . .

  8. Yes, they were in period dress, and had various British/English accents, apart from Tituba.

  9. A really lovely account from Meg of seeing Richard Armitage in The Crucible at The Old Vic! Oh, if only I had some disposable income, I would forget my fear of flying and go to see Richard Armitage in The Crucible at The Old Vic in London. I hope they bring the play to Broadway. I will be there in a heartbeat.

  10. That would be so much fun!

  11. Wonderful review! I also read a good review on whatsonstage forum, hope it is OK to put it here
    “The mood, emotions of the play were spot on. The lighting, deliberate movements as each act was set up made it seem like a dance in motion. Through the scenes, the raw physical interactions between each actor made me fear for my safety (esp since i was sitting stage side). The actors literally threw themselves into every scene, every emotion that you couldn’t help but feel like you were there! Warning: Furniture (and actors) go flying around in a fast pace and if you are on the front row, you may get hit..or feel like an actor may come tumbling into you(!). In fact a chair nearly took out one of the audience in the 2nd act..But brilliant if you want the immersive experience!”

    I wonder if Meg felt the same as this person? I am going to be sitting at the front so hope Richard falls into my lap (I can dream can’t I?)

  12. […] of you remember Meg from back in June. Well, she got to see The Crucible again and shares the experience in great detail. […]

  13. […] His voice and expression were soft and incredulous and intimate when he revealed the highlight of his year: “…the opening night of The Crucible.” Pause. “…it’s an amazing feeling when an audience gets to their feet.” (The smile on my face at this point was huge, and it thrilled me Meg was able to in some respects capture his reaction.) […]

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