Finally, Some Max Deacon

I kept waiting for some photos of Max Deacon going into the theater at the Into the Storm premiere but never saw any. My instincts tell me that he is on the verge of something big. I have been told repeatedly that his part in the movie is really good and he more or less steals the show. Even his cast mate, Nathan Kress said something awhile ago about Deacon needing an award for his performance. I’m looking forward to it come this next weekend, and I hope some of you will share your impressions of it.

Meanwhile, here’s Max:

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images


  1. It’s true. Both Jeremy and Nathan were trying for the part Max got. Slow to start but he’ll make you cry.

  2. You are about the eighth person to tell me he did a great job.

  3. Such a handsome young man, too. I am looking forward to seeing him perform.:D

  4. Oh, and Benny and I just saw a very Gary-centric commercial for ITS. I resisted a really loud squee. ;)

  5. I tried to grab a picture, but he was too quick to get into tent. Sorry :)

  6. I thought both ‘sons’ stole the show. Nathan had people laughing out loud in the beginning with some of his lines. Max was really believable in his words, body language, etc…with how he talked with his Dad, bro and gal. The screening I went to—I can tell a lot in the audience were holding there breathe in one scene in particular. Big kudos to him!

  7. He’s so pretty. A baby, but just lovely to gaze at.

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