Richard Really is My Kind of Guy!

Richard Armitage with a sense of zany. My god he’s broken out of the “Brooding Mr. Darcy I’m too smart and sophisticated to get outrageous” kind of humor. Loving this.


And he wants suggestions!

Click to send yours


I’m so proud of you for not being intellectual all the time, and I swear this is not going to kill any of your brain cells no matter how much crying you hear from some quarters.

Oh, you’ve been this way all along? I figured as much. :D

One of your crazy fans who wishes she had figured out sooner not to take herself so seriously all the time.

P.S. Is this another charity challenge? Inquiring minds can’t help but ask. ;-)


  1. I’m enjoying the show as well, Frenz. I kinda think it was only his close friends who saw this slightly-bent version of himself, but now he’s at a stage of his life where he’s confident and has — as they say — no more f*#@$ to give. And good on him. The weird goof in me is enjoying the uptick in glimpses of weird goof in him. As an aside, I hope he ate that bacon…because wasting bacon is CRIMINAL. :)

  2. I love it!!! He is as dorktastic as the rest of us! :D

  3. Love that he is actually enjoying this! And I’m sure everyone else is too….. it’s bound to be a welcome stress relief at this point from the intensity of the Crucible. Great job, RA!

  4. I wonder if people at the stage door tonight will post: ‘Met RA tonight. Such an intense emotional experience that I had an olfactory hallucination: I thought I smelled bacon. What does this mean? Should I see a dr.?’ :-D

  5. @Cill Good one!

  6. Nat, we knew it all along! :D

    Cill, He’s got two days for the smell to dissipate. But will it?

  7. Depends on whether he washes his beard, and whether that works. I had a bf that had to shave because he couldn’t get a smell out of his beard.

  8. So proud of him for not giving a flying fig what others think!! Life is too short to take yourself too seriously.

    Yo Rich……the majority of us are happy to oblige, engage, and yank your chain for a laugh. After all, we’re ALL just a bunch of dorks ourselves. :P

  9. LOL!, Letty. I’m glad he doesn’t mind being a dork.

  10. Cill, That sounds gross. I’m going to imagine him washing it with something citrus and making it smell good. :D

  11. I love that he’s on Twitter. His first tweet gave away, at least to me, that it was really Richard and not a PR handler. Actually, a lot of people seem to tweet for self-promotional reasons and sound like their own PR machines, whereas as RA acts if he just got a new smartphone and sent a message to a friend. It’s great.

    I guess I’ve never seen the super serious side of Richard. I haven’t been a fan that long so I haven’t viewed every interview. He always seems light in addition to being always articulate. So rather than being proud of him, I feel like he’s always been this way and finally he’s using a platform to give direct access to his witty, humorous self.

  12. He is always been this way!!! you have ever read his messages??..He was wonderfully nice and sweet there!!…Read the past messages in other blog!!!

  13. Richard is a riot – I suspected as much!!! I’m loving his zany humor!!! Makes him so real!!!

  14. Any fans who read his old messages knew he was a a bit of jokester, but to some he did acquire a brooding, somewhat humorless image. Glad he can change people’s perceptions. And the good news is we are not going to get a steady stream of a guy more or less smashing a beer can on his head. Thinking of the doofus guys I knew in college whom I tried to give a wide berth.

  15. “Smashing a beer can on his head.” Such cultural touchstones. My college experience, too. Oh my.

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