The Old Vic has heard us!


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  1. I want to run up the nearest hill and frighten the wildlife by yelling “Yesssssssss”. Thrilling beyond words and especially for you Frenz! Love May xx

  2. Hallelujah!! Ever see an old lady dancing while peeling tomatoes??! Thanks!

  3. Awesome!!!

  4. I am stoked! I have to admit, I came THIS close to going back to London again this year to see the play after all the amazing reviews. I figured the improbability of transferring the entire cast to NYC if it were to revive here. So glad that the Old Vic heard the pleas of many. I think we should have a screening in NYC the next time that Frenz, The Queen and co. Rolls into town ;)

  5. I can’t speak for The Queen, but I’ll be there in October. :D

  6. yipeeeee!!!!!!!!

  7. OMG. YUS.

  8. This is awesome news! :)

  9. Fantastic news. I think they should film all these plays for posterity.

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