I Don’t Care If You All Have Heard This

Having trouble wanting to move, listen to this:

If you don’t want to move after listening, then you just may be dead.

My daughter and her friend have been dancing all over the house to this for hours, and SO and I finally joined them. We have now been dancing and laughing for the last couple of hours.

A song like this ought to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Got some pissed off people? This song could diffuse their anger.


My daughter just reminded me of a video her older sister made a few years ago that still can make all of us laugh. My three older kids were always doing things like this, and I have to admit I got a little choked watching this:


  1. I love that song too! Sending you a DM that’s related…

    You heard about the kids in Iran or Iraq who made a similar vid for this and got sentenced to jail for – public lewdness?? Or something equally bizarre….. (some people can ruin anything!)

  2. I did not hear about that. How awful.

  3. Found the link-

    OK, it’s Iran….Something about the sentences were suspended and may expire in 3 years if they don’t do anything similar (you know, something really bad like dancing and being happy, smh) Hopefully they can even leave the country.

  4. Wow.

    And we take so much for granted in the U.S. Makes me feel really humble about the people who have given their lives so we don’t have to live under that kind of tyranny.

  5. And I love your vid in the edit! Kids do crazy very well! And it’s good!

  6. Yup! Still loving that song. Don’t know about a peace prize but I was certainly disappointed when it didn’t get the best song Oscar!
    What a fun vid tat that your daughter and friends made!

  7. Definitely should have gotten best song for its effect on people if nothing else.

    I hope my kids never stop doing things like that as I did. May they always be young at heart!

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