Twitpic, I’m So Glad You’re Not Going Away

twitpic-logoIf you don’t already know it, Twitpic was going to shutdown on September 25th, but the news as of Thursday is that they have been acquired. This means if you were getting ready to rush over to Twitpic to copy all of your photos, you can relax.

Nevertheless, you may still want to take a backup up of them. Instructions on how to save your photos without doing it manually are here.

Dear Twitpic,

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding between you and Twitter but so glad someone else thinks you’re important enough to stick around. You are a clean and easy service to deal with. I hope you stay that way!

And here’s hoping your new owners can deal with Twitter.

A Fan

P.S. Here’s hoping you were bought by someone who is not going to throw in with the likes of Facebook.


And all those lovely photos I had of Richard Armitage can now rest easy. :D

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