And for those who care to know…

095[a shot of the Cloisters, which I have wanted to see for years and finally got to visit]

Yes, I’ve been gone, and while I was, I turned off my phone and email and social media. It was a nice little break from the frenetic pace I usually keep, so I could have a holiday in NYC with my two concerns:

This was taken at Morningside Park not too far from their apartment — a lovely three bedroom of almost 2,000 sq feet. It’s freaking huge! (for NYC anyway). They also managed to sign a really good lease which they may be able to hang onto for years.

Here’s another pic, since I’m shameless in my pride about them:

and that’s a Hobbit between the two beautiful Elves.

scottishgandalf That’s how they referred to me when I was standing anywhere near 6’5″ Gandalf (aka one of the elves’ boyfriends who just happens to favor a certain celebrity or is it just me who thinks that?)

And just so you know, I may kill this post later today ’cause the Elves and Gandalf may have a fit that their pictures are on this blog. LOL!


  1. Great pics, even the Hobbit (who I see is veiled in mystery now :) – And you just tell them that her handsome Gandalf might even “dwarf” Richard a little at 6’5! But that wouldn’t make HIM a dwarf LOL, any more than it makes you a hobbit! (Kids- whatcha gonna do!) They are really lovely girls who are indeed just a little “elvenly”! Glad you had the “undistracted’ time with them!

  2. I unveiled myself. I really don’t care if my face is showing especially when I’m showing theirs.

    It was a great time. I wish SO could have gone with me!

  3. Or unveiled now? I dunno, but thanks for this post anyway :)

  4. You are all perfectly adorable!

  5. For the record, I’m just a smidge under 5’4″ and had on no heels in this photo. I think the girls had on 1/2″ to 1″ heels. And my youngest child, 14, is probably going to be taller than they are.

  6. That would have been perfect, wouldn’t it!

  7. It would have! I hope he can go soon and spend time with them as I did.

  8. Love the pics. <3 Lovely that you got to spend time with the girls. And yes, our house is just over 2,000 square feet. Their place is gigantic for NYC.

  9. I could not believe how big the apt is. Their friends have been telling them, “You rented a house!’

  10. Boyfriend looks like Gerard Butler. Hang onto him, little elfling.

  11. Agreed. I hope she’s listening ’cause Gandalf is as beautiful on the inside as the outside. Seriously. He’s also very gainfully employed. Momma likes that. LOL!

  12. I’m shocked by the size of the apt. too, I’ve been told you couldn’t find such. That’s awesome!

  13. I think it’s actually 1,900+ something sq. ft. I don’t get it, but hey, it’s working,and they have been there for a few months now.

  14. Nice to see ya, Frenz. Those cloisters look marvelous — I’d like to go there too!

  15. Thanks, EE. The Cloisters and Fort Tryon park where it’s located are a definite must see. The history of how that building came to be there is also fascinating.

  16. Great pics–I have wanted to see The Cloisters forever and never get up that far in Manhattan. I am hereby resolving to do it on my next visit!

  17. just know that you can take a taxi right to the door. I didn’t do that. I walked up. Phew!

  18. Thanks! I will remember that, though the Long Suffering Husband probably won’t go for the taxi. He is very fond of Death Marches.

  19. Oh, he’ll love the walk to the Cloisters. It’s a 7 or 8 percent grade. I don’t know what was tougher — going up or coming down. But oh, the grounds of Fort Tryon are gorgeous. Much more lush than Central Park.

  20. Lush is good :)

  21. Angie, all they needed it was a yard. LOL! no, on second thought, they don’t. They hated yard work, so this is perfect.

  22. Thank you, Christa! :)

  23. Here you go for lush:



  24. Just a quick reminder…Gandalf is my boyfriend too. OK, maybe not, but dang, he’s cute. So are the elves. I think they’ve grown taller??!! So happy you got to go!!!

  25. Yeah, I think we may all end up fighting over Gandalf. He is a cutie and pretty smart too.

    I think they have grown taller and I’m shrinking some. LOL!

  26. How wonderful! You and your daughters are beautiful and I did think you had run into Gerald and he’d posed with your daughter. Ha!

    I haven’t been to NYC in many years and now The Cloisters is definitely on my bucket list. The lushness reminds me a bit of the rain forest in Puerto Rico, which I love dearly.

    May your treasures be very happy, healthy and safe during their time in their ‘mansion’. ;) Hope you get to visit them again soon.

  27. I came back to look at something and realized I missed your comment, Mujertropical. You definitely need to go to the Cloisters.

    As to “Gerard Butler,” he’s been with my daughter for close to 3-1/2 years, and now there may be a wedding sometime in the near future. They’re talking about it anyway, which is quite a step for my daughter who was adamant about now marrying anytime soon. I love Gandalf and he already feels like a member of the family, but whatever my daughter wants to do, I’m behind her.

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