Some Qs & As about the Richard Armitage Blogging Event

Richard-Armitage-with the KeyThis is just a first pass at answers to some of the questions about a blogging event (go here for more information). I’m sure there will be more questions as we go. Also, I am basing these answers on what has happened in the past and feel any committee formed will embrace these answers as well.

Do I have to be a Richard Armitage Blogger to participate? No, you do not. The more the merrier!

If I post for the event, do I have to participate every day of the event? Absolutely not. Do as much as you want.

Do I have to run a blog to participate? It’s not necessary. Many bloggers who participate will be willing to host guest bloggers for a post or more than one. It’s up to the bloggers, but I would be surprised if a guest blogger could not find a place to publish.

If I don’t know any bloggers personally and want to write a guest piece, what do I do? Contact a blogger you like; I would be shocked if they don’t listen to you. If you’re still not sure, let me know, and I’ll bet I can put you in touch with someone who would be happy to host a piece.

Do I have to participate on certain social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook if I post a piece for the event? It’s completely optional to participate on those sites, but you’re missing out on some fun. :D

Can I contribute artwork or video instead of writing? Yes! a picture is worth a thousand words.

If you have any further questions, post a comment here or send me an email.


  1. I’m always happy to host guest bloggers at The Squeee. :)

  2. For some reason, I stopped getting email alerts of your posts and realized I was no longer following you when I saw your posts on Pinterest. So anyhoo, now I am again. :D

  3. I wonder soemtimes if WP doesn’t go wonky. I’ve had that happen with blogs I follow, and it’s frustrating.

    Are you game for a blogging event?

  4. Traxy, I sent you an email!

  5. Same thing happened to me Angie. And just as mysteriously, they started again…along with all comments! Frenz Twilight Zone?!!!

  6. When do you think that happened? I ask because a while back had to change something on my site (actually I changed after they let me), so that my post would page correctly. Very frustrating, and it was the reason I did the archive instead of letting the do it. There were some other goofy things going on at that time, and I wonder if the subscriptions got messed up then as well. Sounds like database problem, and I”m really wondering if they didn’t screw something up.

    BTW, this is one reason to have a self-hosted site instead of a site. I would know what happened if that were the case, but I’m too busy to move this site. And in fairness to, they do have good security. You can’t do a lot because of it unless you want to pay out the ying yang, but it is secure.

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  8. I am so intrigued about this. But still confused! Is there a theme we all draw on (other than The Armitage himself, ofcourse) … Am I making sense? I’d be happy to host on my site though, especially any arty things – images, videos etc! :)

  9. […] Some Qs & As about the Richard Armitage Blogging Event […]

  10. […] For those just stumbling on this, you can find more information here and here. […]

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