Them’s the Rules, Baby Cakes

Dawn French and Sting

Reblogged from graffiti living.

You may remember James from when he gave us advice about how to view our blogs. I did take that advice and have never regretted it.

Now he’s back with some rules for Twitter:

My Rules On Twitter (in the order that I just made them up):

1. Don’t be a dick (Try to play nice with the other children)

2. Be yourself (I’m a part-time sarcastic git and full-time grumpy arse, but I mean well)

3. Don’t feed the trolls (and resist the urge to set an angry mob onto them)

4. Follow / Unfollow who you want (I prefer friendly creative types; sarcasm is an added bonus)

5. Don’t act butt-hurt if someone Follows / Unfollows you (all we are is words on a screen)

6. Talk with people, rather than market at them (take part in the conversation)

7. Be funny (and if you can’t be funny, be careful)

More here

Wonder what Richard Armitage is doing today?

Have you seen Dawn French and Sting together in the Red Nose Special 2007?

Are you sick of waiting on me to post my dwarf pieces? And a few other things?

Is baby cakes one word or two?

Got plenty more questions where those came from.


  1. Thank you for so much for reblogging this!

    I just wanted to say a quick hello to friends of @RAFrenzy that read this, now follow me on Twitter (@jamesgarside_) or who visited my blog thanks to this post.

    “HELLO” *waves*

    For the record I think RA is a great and underappreciated actor, but I suspect I’m not an ‘RA addict’ like you wonderful people, so please don’t eat me.

    I’m just friends with @RAFrenzy on Twitter — she’s friendly and funny, just like her writing.

    Much love to you all,

    J x

  2. Wise advice on blogging and Twitter! Thanks for the link :)

  3. […] This post was kindly reblogged by the ever funny-and-entertaining RA Frenzy (a Richard Armitage fansite). They also linked to my post No-One Gives a Shit About Your Blog which […]

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